Communication (Public Relations)

Communication (Public Relations)

Communication majors learn to create and deliver messages that inform, persuade and mobilize people in the world around them. Developing the art of effective visual, oral and written communication is key to professional success. At Wenzhou-Kean University, our communication majors learn from the best — established and award-winning scholars, journalists, filmmakers, writers and public relations professionals. Students prepare for the real world by writing and reporting for WKU’s student magazine and producing content for our radio station. In an age of global communication, creating effective messages with a variety of technologies is taught, and the Communication Department helps secure meaningful internships to prepare students to succeed in next steps in their careers.

Major (Core) Required Courses

  • Speech Communication
  • Mass Media
  • Adv. Public Speaking
  • Digital Video Production
  • Public Relations
  • Persuasion
  • Intro to Journalism
  • Public Relations Writing
  • Comm & Media Theory
  • Public Relations Cases
  • Public Relations Campaigns

Knowledge and Skills Acquired

You develop an understanding of today’s communication landscape and acquire the skills needed for a successful career.

These knowledge and skills include:

  • Sharpen your skills in team and organization building, leadership, listening, public speaking, multicultural communication, and conflict resolution.
  • Create, produce and edit new content for print, television, radio and social media.
  • Understand best practices for communicating through a variety of channels.
  • Study communication theory and media ethics.
  • Examine emerging media markets and trends.
  • Acquire business relationships acumen and advocacy skills.
  • Develop meaningful connections in various industries and establish your professional network.

The current major offers a specialization in Public Relations.

Career Prospects

A student who graduates with a Communication degree can work in party and governmental organizations, small enterprises and large business institutions, as well as nonprofit organizations and other public services. Communication majors are professionals engaged in international, cross-cultural and cross-professional public relations coordination and public information dissemination. A Communication professional is a desirable employee, as they can solve problems and promote any type of organization effectively.

Accounting (B.S.)

Knowledge and skills students will grasp during the study

ACCOUNTING (B.S.) major involves the study of
management accounting systems and the controllership
function, fund accounting for government, schools, hospitals
and other not for-profit organizations, provides and
understanding of the various types of fraud applications,
including occupational fraud and non-occupational fraud.
Meanwhile, it also applies computerized methods to the design
and operation of accounting systems, instructs the student
on other computerized aspects of accounting and related
business procedures. It builds on the skills developed for the
preparation of financial statements including reporting and
analysis of liabilities, stock holder’s equity, and investments.

Core Required Courses


Accounting is the study of how an organization records financial transactions and analyzes and communicates the results of such transactions. It studies the standard accounting financial statements and seeks to analyze the entity’s operating results and discusses ways in which various users can utilize accounting information. The program looks to both the business and not for-profit sectors of the community. The four year B.S. in Accounting Program will prepare students for various positions in accounting. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the American CPA examination; however 150 credit hours are required to apply to be licensed as a CPA. The program is CPA Australia accredited as well.

B.A. Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option)


The Math Sciences program is designed to fulfill several objectives: to develop mathematical reasoning through problem solving; to investigate the mathematical theory which facilitates an understanding of mathematical applications; to provide background for careers in applied mathematics and computer science or teaching of secondary school mathematics; to prepare for graduate studies in the mathematical sciences. These are achieved, with departmental advisement, through the appropriate selection of electives.


Career Prospects


The Data Analytics option in Mathematical Sciences program will help prepare future Data Scientists to meet the demands of data driven industries, governmental agencies and labor market in financial sectors, health industry, social media and education. It provides a foundation for further graduate study and research.


Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study


  • Learning the fundamentals of data analytics and the data science connections.
  • Developing competency in the R programming.
  • Learning how to collect the resources required for a data science project.
  • Applying predictive analytics techniques to use unstructured enterprise information and data to drive a better client experience and to leverage new data types: sentiment data, clickstream data, video, images and text data.
  • Using data mining practices and machine learning technology tools on data sets from a variety of domains, including the Web, social networks, media, and smart cities.
  • Applying visualization principles to clarify ideas, enhance understanding and help decision making.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Probability and Math Statistics

Big Data Computing

Applied Statistics

Foundations of Data Analysis

Big Data Visualization

Statistical Data Mining

Big Data Statistical Analysis

Big Data Techniques

Regression Analysis

B.A. Psychology

B.A. Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. This discipline embraces all aspects of the human experience – from the functions of the brain to the actions of nations, from child development to care for the aged. In every conceivable setting, from scientific research centers to mental health care services, “the understanding of behavior” is the enterprise of psychologists. At Wenzhou-Kean University we offer the B.A. in Psychology, intended to initiate students into the scientific field of human and animal behavior and the research methods by which such behavior is investigated.

Major (Core) Required Courses

  • Professional Psychology
  • Psychological Statistics
  • Tests and Measurements
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Seminar: Issues in Contemporary Psychology

Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study

In pursuing the B.A. in Psychology, students will develop research and measurement skills, knowledge of ethics, interpersonal skills and communication skills, in addition to an understanding of the developmental, and other processes that explain human behavior. Studying psychology will build on the skills developed for the preparation of organizational behavior, professionalism, consciousness, perception, understanding self and others, marriage and family. It will also afford students the opportunity to learn about their personality, what motivates them, and how people develop over the lifespan.

Career Prospects

The person who majors in Psychology is generally prepared for a wide variety of roles, including mental health technician, research assistant, parent, teacher, human services provider, human resources administrator, statistical assistant, and graduate student in psychology or other professional areas. The skills and knowledge developed in the Psychology program are highly versatile. A degree in Psychology can help students stand out when applying for a competitive position, as well as help students get promoted into a management position.

Field Placement (Internship)

In addition to a plethora of classes, the Psychology major also provides field placement (Internship). Currently, we offer internships at Suntree Counseling Center, located on WKU campus. We also teamed up with the Wenzhou Psychiatric Hospital to offer an internship to Psychology majors. The hospital provides students with the opportunity to work in a different department every week. For instance, one week the students may be working in the clinical department and then the forensic psychology department. We are in the process of looking to secure more field placements for Psychology majors. Our goal is to provide Psychology students with a well rounded education including internships in various forms. 

B.A. Architectural Studies


The B.A. degree in Architectural Studies is a studio-oriented design program. Students focusing on Architecture will develop expertise in the creation of built structures and environments for public audiences. The curriculum includes a concentration in this design discipline and a broad foundation in the liberal arts, studio arts, and art history. Emphasis is placed upon creative problem-solving, design competence and technical skills. The program of study also develops skills in critical thinking, and oral and written communications. The design of meaningful buildings and places in major metropolitan areas will be a focus of the program.


Career Prospects


Successful completion of B.A. in Architectural Studies enables graduates to become problem solvers that can manage the relationship between human and space properly with clients and government. Graduates are competent in the career of architecture design, landscape design, and environment design. Additionally, some graduates are also using their highly transferable skills in other design related disciplines, such as industrial design and costume design.


Our Mission


The Program aims to inform the public about the critical contribution that architecture designers make in changing the world and to this end we are also dedicated to reaching out to the wider community through programs of the design to relationship between human and space.

With a broad foundation in liberal arts (GE), a core foundation in the basics of design elements and principles, a thorough grounding in design concepts, artistry, craft, and technologies, followed by a concentration in selected area of design, the programs of study offer students intensive theory and practice and an integrated curriculum to provide them with the tools they need to help shape the future of human lives.

Architectural Studies Program has a focus on critical and creative thinking, aesthetic awareness, effective use of technology, awareness of sustainability relative to the profession, diversity and social sensitivity, ethical professional practices, career opportunity, and global perspectives.


Major (Core) Required Courses


Introduction to Architecture

Studio: Individual Topics

Representation: Hand and Digital Skills

Ecology, the Environment, and the Ethics of Architecture


Buildings Systems

History: Urban and Landscape Forms


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Management B.S.


There are 2 specialties in B.S. in Management: Entrepreneurship Option and Supply Chain Management Option.

B.S. in Management develops students’ technical, interpersonal, conceptual, and strategic skills and is committed to empowering students to manage local, national, and international programs, companies, and non-profit organizations. Emphasis is placed on enabling students to develop critical thinking, communication and information technology in a diverse global business environment with the ability to make effective decisions.

This program focuses on developing skills required to manage the operations of a business in local, national, and global organizations by applying technical, human, conceptual, and strategic skills. It emphasizes the development of problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and information technology skills essential for effective decisions making in a diverse global business environment. These encompass strategic decisions as well as operational decisions. The management programs empower students to pursue career opportunities in a broad range of fields including, administration, human resource management, international trade and business, information systems, financial management, purchasing, supply chain management and logistics, labor relations, production management, hospitality industry, medical and health services managers, property and construction management, real estate management, business analysis and consulting, entrepreneurial ventures, small business management, health-care management, educational leadership and non-profit/institutional administration, as well as for further study at the graduate level.


Career Prospects

Supply Chain & Information Management Option focusing on international supply chain management, global logistics and transportation, employment direction for enterprise supply chain, transportation industry, etc.;

Entrepreneurship management direction, focusing on venture financing, entrepreneurship management, employment direction for self-employment, SME management, family business to undertake management.


Major (Core) Required Courses 

Entrepreneurship Option


Human Resources Management

Organizational Behavior

International Management

Social Entrepreneurship

New Product Development

Entrepreneurial Finance

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Global Business & Technology

Entrepreneurship Practicum

Supply Chain & Information Management Option

Organizational Behavior

Advanced MIS

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Logistics & Transportation

Commercial Development of the Internet

Internet Marketing

Marketing Channels

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Introduction to Total Quality Management

Supply Chain Sourcing & Procurement Management

Warehousing and Material Management

MGS 3000/4000 Level (With permission of academic advisor)

Computer Science B.S.


Computer Science Program is to prepare students to think critically and creatively to succeed in implementation of computer based solutions to adapt to the changing technological and social environments in a global economy.

This program, which emphasizes English as the medium of instruction and the cross-disciplinary study, provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, in preparation for their future career.

With an emphasis on research experience and industry internships, we offer small class sizes and an ideal faculty-student ratio for focused education. Students enjoy dedicated faculty, and an immersive learning environment for knowledge building and research. The program at Wenzhou is indispensable from the Kean Union campus. Huge possible opportunities of learning, researching, practicing and working are bridged between here and New Jersey.

For students who want to pursue higher degrees, we have some multidisciplinary research projects, including computational emotions and neuro-marketing, gamification in business and education, privacy and security in social media, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, sentiment analysis and data mining, etc.

Program Educational Objectives

The mission of the Computer Science Department at Wenzhou Kean University is to offer a nationally accredited program in a public cosmopolitan environment which prepares students for a professional career in computing or to continue onto graduate studies in a related field.

The Computer Science Department has adopted four university-based educational program objectives to accomplish this mission. Graduates will be able to:

1. Think critically, creatively and globally;

2. Adapt to changing social, economic, and technological environments;

3. Serve as active and contributing members of their communities; and

4. Advance their knowledge in the traditional disciplines (GE) and enhance their skills in the professional area of Computer Science.


What You Learn

You get the chance to conduct original research and secure internships in several industries, all while learning in small classes designed to prepare you for the job market.

  • Expand your knowledge of programming languages, techniques and emerging technologies
  • Mitigate and address cybersecurity breaches and threats
  • Study artificial intelligence, data mining, database systems, digital forensics, software engineering and web programming
  • Create and improve computer software and hardware to solve business and communication challenges
  • Build a professional network and benefit from valuable internship opportunities

Career Prospects

The Computer Science program prepares technically oriented professionals for leadership and management positions in business, education, and government or graduate studies. With provision of technology and research related opportunities in this program, you will fulfill your goals of entering and advancing in technical and managerial positions at all levels in the computing and information technology fields.


Major (Core) Required Courses

Data Structures

Analysis of Algorithms

Principles of Networking

Computer Architecture

Computer Operating Systems

Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Computer Organization & Programming


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Guidesheet and 4-year plan

English B.A.

B.A. English – English in Global Settings Option

The B.A. in English: English in Global Settings is a highly flexible program of study that allows the student to use the generous number of electives to prepare for a variety of future directions, which could include graduate study (in linguistics, literature, communication, journalism, law, etc.), teaching foreign language, publishing, or any variety of positions in corporations and international organizations requiring advanced communication skills. All English majors complete six courses that form the Foundation Core, but then are able to begin customizing their program.

The School of English Studies at Wenzhou-Kean University is actively preparing students to join the ranks of teachers, writers, scholars and influencers who shape how people interpret ideas and actions in the world. The students of English at WKU are developing advanced English skills preparing them for success in a wide variety of professional careers. They are developing in-depth knowledge about aspects of language learning such as the structure and origin of the English language, genre analysis and its application in various disciplines, and the linguistic features of English. Further, they are building skills in the teaching and learning of English as a second language, translation and interpretation between English and Chinese, and practicing advanced writing skills integral to acquiring a degree as an English major.

Major (Core) Required Courses

  • Structure and Origins of English Language
  • Writing Process
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Cultural Rhetorics and Writing
  • Research in Language and Literature
  • Writing for Cyberspace

Knowledge and Skills Students will Grasp during the Study

  • Develop the art of clear and persuasive writing
  • Study great works of literature and explore new cultures
  • Understand how to think critically about societal issues

Faculty Team

All faculty in the School of English Studies at WKU are highly qualified professionals in the fields of Applied Linguistics, Rhetoric, TESOL, Literature, Translation, and other related fields. Most professors have received their educational qualifications from institutions of good repute in the USA, the UK and other countries. Our faculty have been selected based on having acquired several years of teaching experience in the USA and abroad as well as their being cognizant of the cultural and social implications of higher learning in the China context. The School of English Studies operates on the premise that all students receive a similar learning experience, develop an appreciation for a wide variety of thought and experience, and develop a broad worldview. As such, we prepare our students to be global thinkers and influencers.

Career Prospects

The English in Global Settings B.A. is designed to provide a pathway to a number of career areas:

  • Graduate study in English, law, journalism, international studies, business and related fields
  • Secondary school teaching
  • Communications-oriented employment in business, the arts, and the community
  • Translation and interpretation

Internship Basement

  • Peking University New Century School – Wenzhou