Study Room Policy

Updated April, 2014

  1. The study room is available for individual study and research. Anything else should not be held inside the study room.
  2. Students in the study room value quiet. All students should keep their voices to a minimum and refrain from noisy activities (e.g. set cell phone on silent).
  3. Students should depart with all of their personal belongings when leave seats.  A LIBRARY STUDY SPACE BREAK paper slip must be filled out completely and left on top of personal materials in a study space if a short leave up to 20 minutes needed.
  4. Personal belongings should be removed onto book carts in A305 from study desks to accommodate others when students leave for more than 20 minutes or without a library study space break.  And they should be removed to the University Lost & Found at 15:00 on Friday.
  5. Students should take care of personal belongings.  The Library accepts no liability for any damage or loss to the personal possessions of any student when moved.
  6. Food should not be consumed in the study room.  Beverages such as tea, coffee, and water may be enjoyed.
  7. Library staff that perform tasks associated with this Policy are to be treated with polite respect.  People, who do not comply with the Library regulations, may be asked to leave the Library by Library staff and they may be banned from re-entering.

Circulation Policy

Updated April 8th,2016

In order to achieve a more efficient use and management of library items and provide teaching, academic and research support to students, faculty and staff, following library loan rules are formulated:

Ι. Loan Period

  1. General items: 4 weeks (28 days)
  2. Reference works: in-library use only.
  3. Course Reserve: 2 hours, in-library use only
  4. Back issue of periodicals: 1 week (7 days)

II. Penalty

  1. RMB 1.00 per day for any item from General Stacks overdue
  2. RMB 1.00 per hour for any item from Course Reserve Stacks overdue
  3. Maximum amount of penalty on a patron: RMB 100.00
  4. When reaching RMB 100.00, a patron’s loan privilege is deprived until the amount is paid.

III. Replacement for a Damaged or Lost Item

  1. The patron who is responsible for the damaged or lost item shall pay for the damage or loss.
  2. For an item damaged to a degree that it is unrepairable, charge for a
    replacement of the item shall be levied. The same applies to a lost item.
  3. Charge for a replacement is what the library paid for the original item, plus a service charge of RMB 20.00.

This Library Loan Rules take immediate effect when it is published, and Wenzhou-Kean University Library owns all rights to interpret the rules.

Interlibrary Loan

Student, faculty, and staff researchers can request articles they need that are not available through a Kean or Wenzhou-Kean Library subscription, at no out-of-pocket cost.  Click here for the online request form. Paper request forms are also available in room A 301 of General Education Hall.

Whether you are using a Kean subscription database like ProQuest Central or Google Scholar, not every relevant article you find has available full text. Or a colleague sends an article link to you, but the publisher web site says you have to pay a fee. The Library will now pay a smaller fee directly to another library, and we receive a copy to provide to you. Chapters of academic texts or conference proceedings can also be obtained, provided you have a complete citation with page numbers. The Library will check all incoming requests for accuracy before processing the request.

At this moment, in China, international book interlibrary loan cannot be effectively conducted. Chinese shipping delays for printed materials are too unpredictable and arbitrary. We can also offer copies of articles we have to other libraries, though our holdings are so small we expect little demand. It is more cost-effective for our Library to provide an occasional copy of an important article than subscribe to expensive journals whose cost per use would be extremely high.  Because there is not an unlimited budget for this service, a limitation of 5 article requests per month per individual will be imposed at the beginning.

Library Hours

Library Collection

(GEH A301)

Monday-Friday                     08:30-22:00

Saturday                                 10:00-18:00

Sunday                                    10:00-21:00


Feb. 9/Fri.                             08:30-16:30

Feb. 10-26/Sat.-Mon.                 Closed

Study Room

(GEH A304, GEH A308)

Discussion Area

(West wing of GEH A)

24/7 Study Room

(GEH A305)

Opens 24/7

(except when the University closes)

Recommend a Book

University staff, students, and other interested parties can make recommendations for purchase to the Library. Please use the Recommendation Form.

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