Aloysius Wong

Aloysius Wong


理工学院 副教授

金阿卜杜拉科技大学 生物科学博士学位

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中国 – 斯洛文尼亚 — 益生菌抗生素抗性基因及适应性进化的研究

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Assessing the Risk of Probiotic Dietary Supplements in the Context of Antibiotic Resistance

An Arabidopsis clathrin assembly protein with a predicted role in plant defense can function as an adenylate cyclase

An Arabidopsis thaliana leucine-rich repeat protein harbors an adenylyl cyclase catalytic center and affects responses to pathogens

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Development of an online tracking tool for antibiotic resistance

Discovery of novel functional centers with rationally designed amino acid motifs

GCPred: a web tool for guanylyl cyclase functional center prediction from amino acid sequence

The Arabidopsis thaliana K+-uptake permease 5 (AtKUP5) contains a functional cytosolic adenylate cyclase essential for K+ transport

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The inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by a brain-targeting polylysine-ApoE peptide: biochemical and structural characterizations

Towards a tailored indoor horticulture: a functional genomics guided phenotypic approach