Important updates on freshmen 2019 Spring Semester Textbook Selection

Dear freshmen,


Due to the issue of the course registration system, freshmen who have not completed 2019 Spring Semester Textbook Selection need to summit the orders by 11:00 on Friday, Dec. 14, 2018.


Freshmen who have not summited online survey need to click the link below to start the selection. The link can only be used once.


Freshmen who have already summited online survey and want to add another orders need to send orders (including name, student no. major, cell phone no., textbook titles need to order) to








A link for payment is going to be sent by email. The deadline of payment is 09:00 December 17, 2018. Only by completing the payment, will a successful order be made.





If any questions, please contact us on or +8657755870659.



LINK (仅供未提交过问卷的学生填写):