Publications of 2019(By the end of April)

  1. An Arabidopsis thaliana leucine-rich repeat protein harbors an adenylyl cyclase catalytic center and affects responses to pathogens. Journal of Plant Physiology [First author, IF: 2.833] – Joint-first author   (Aloysius Wong)
  2. ANT FDCSM: A novel fuzzy rule miner derived from ant colony meta-heuristic for diagnosis of diabetic patients(Gaurav Gupta)

    Journal: Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 36 (1), pp 747–760, Feb 2019.

    Publisher: IOS Press


  3. ACO Inspired Computer-aided Detection/Diagnosis (CADe/CADx) Model for Medical Data Classification”, Recent Patents on Computer Science(Gaurav Gupta)

    Journal: Recent Patents on Computer Science, 12, pp 1-10, 2019.

    Publisher: Bentham Science Publisher