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本期话题 | 夏日冰淇凌

As the temperature is gradually rising in the midsummer, cool and delicious desserts are the first choice to relieve the summer heat. Today we’ll bring you a list of special summer treats from various countries to keep you cool all summer long!


“I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” Whether it’s in Asia, Europe, the United States or South America, it’s safe to say that the frozen treat tends to be a favorite indulgence for anyone of any age. Ice cream may be universally appealing, but many countries have their own versions.


Gelato, Italy,意式冰淇淋

Pasta aside, gelato is considered to be Italy’s culinary symbol. Italian gelato is lower in fat than traditional ice cream, and crafted with whole milk, eggs, sugar and flavoring. In fact, visiting the local gelateria is a lifestyle for Italians. Italians convene at gelaterias and socialize. Gelaterias are popular hangouts and cultural icons.


事实上,光顾当地的冰淇淋店对意大利人而言是一种生活方式。意大利人会聚在冰淇淋店里社交, 冰淇淋店是热门的聚会去处,也是一种文化符号。

Dondurma, Turkey,土耳其冰淇淋

An ice cream that doesn’t melt? Yes, that’s exactly what dondurma or Turkish ice cream is. Buying dondurma is like watching a performance. The men who sell it wears traditional Turkish garb (aba) and a sultan hat and stretch, twist and turn the ice cream until it lands into a cone. Kids and adults get a kick out of the show.”



Kakigori, Japan,日式刨冰

Pastry chefs make kakigori, the Japanese version of ice cream, by shaving ice from ice blocks until it builds into a fluffy pile. They then add syrups to the ice in flavors such as green tea, strawberry, grape and melon.


The Chinese also have various desserts and drinks to relieve summer heat. For example, the sweet and sour taste of plum syrup, a traditional Chinese beverage, is refreshing in summer.


During the Qing dynasty, plum syrup became an imperial drink through the improvement of the imperial kitchen, and later spread to the folk, so the plum syrup we have today tastes the same as that of the Qing emperor. It can be made at home. Just put dark plum, hawthorn fruit, roselle, crystal sugar, liquorice plant and dried orange peel into water. Then bring it to a boil. Sprinkle some osmanthus to add flavor. Voilà! The tasty summer treat is done.

清代时,经过御膳房的改进,酸梅汤成为宫廷御用饮品, 后来流传到民间。所以今天我们喝到的酸梅汤和清代皇帝喝到的是一样的口味,而且自己在家也可以做哦!将乌梅、山楂、玫瑰茄、冰糖、甘草和陈皮煮沸,再加入桂花提味。一碗美味可口的酸梅汤就做好啦!

In different parts of China, people enjoy different cool desserts in the hot summer. Grass jelly in Fujian and Taiwan, tapioca pudding in Guangdong, coconut jelly in Hainan, cold rice cake in Sichuan, yogurt in Xinjiang… you name it!

我们的消暑甜点当然不止酸梅汤,不同地区还有各具特色的消暑美食。比如福建和台湾人喜爱的烧仙草,广东流行的西米露,海南畅销的椰子冻,四川人消夏必备的凉糕, 还有新疆口感醇厚的酸奶……应有尽有。

What dessert do you enjoy in summer in your hometown?

Share your favorite summer treat in the comment.



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