Laboratory SafetyAcknowledgment Form for students

Laboratory SafetyAcknowledgment Form for studentsThis is to certify that I have read the “Laboratory Safety Rules andProtocols” and have been given verbal and online instructions concerningsafety procedures. I am aware that failure to observe these instructionscan cause serious injury to others and to myself. I also acknowledge thatit is my responsibility to handle all materials and equipment with care.I have been shown the locations of the fire extinguishers, emergencyeye and body washes, and chemical, biological and sharps waste bins. Iam familiar with the basic work-flow of the lab and the use of commonequipment.In order to avoid damaging equipment and causing injuries to othersand myself, I will observe and obey these rules at all times.I understand that if I neglect these safety rules, I may be barred fromentering the laboratory, and concomitantly be removed from thelaboratory portion of the course.