Finance Club Lecture Series

The second lecture about how to choose the fund was launched in Wenzhou Kean University by Finance club on Jan.12th. Hance Dong, private banking manager in Bank of Wenzhou, delivered a speech on how to invest in the fund market. Mr. Dong is a Certified and experienced Financial Planner and Investment Analyst. He was recently invited as a special host in a program named “Daily Finance” at Wenzhou TV Station.

Mr. Dong came straight to the key point in his speech. He introduced his view on the current capital market and some useful tips on investments.

Mr. Dong also explained the concept of “New Normality” in the world economy and he put forward four requirements. Lower the ratio speed of GDP growth, optimizing the economic structure, finding new energy, and facing challenges. Mr. Dong also analyzed the four reasons for the recent stock market rising. The first one was the financial support from the government. The real economy and market liquidity were loose, and a great amount of money flow into the stock market. The second reason was that some blue chip stocks like banking stocks were in valuation. Besides, some policies were carried out, such as the revelation of state enterprises and the “one belt, one road” policy. The last one was the innovation of technology and system. All the students were listening carefully and taking notes during the lecture.

Mr. Dong also mentioned some tips on fund investments, which he summarized as a saying “know yourself and know your enemy.” Investors can do some surveys about the preference of risks and returns. Besides, investors should have the knowledge of the market, the features of financial products, economic cycle and so on. Moreover, he emphasized that investors shall not put all the eggs in one basket. We should allocate our money into different portions and put a portion in investing different funds. These tips were extremely helpful for the students who took part in the Fund Contest or those who are interested in investment.