Warmth in Winter– Student Ma Yonggui’s Sends a Thank you Letter to WKU

Mr. Ma is a college student at Huazhong Normal University, who graduated from Xiangyang No.4 Middle School, Hubei Province. He suffered from kidney failure, and his family was unable to afford the expensive treatment. This story was widely spread through Internet social networks, and many people donated money to him, including WKU students and parents.

Mr. Ma expressed his appreciation for WKU students and faculty in the letter: “Thank you for your love and help. I cannot imagine how my life would be without your help. With your love, I was brave enough to fight against the disease. It is your love that makes feel hopeful.”

At the end of 2015, WKU students from Hubei Province and their parents initiated the donation activity for student Ma. During Ma’s operation and hospitalization, WKU students and parent were actively donating to him through the Web and mobile payment. They also helped by forwarding the donation opportunity to others. Two months after the operation, the students and parents are still concerned about Mr. Ma’s health.

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