WKU holds APEC the Voice of the Future Sharing Session

On January10th, the WKU-sponsored Start here Go anywhere—Listen for the Voice of the Future symposium was held in the Auditorium Hall. Three youth representatives participating in the APEC summit last November, Ms. Jia Xizi, Mr. Zhao Jiasheng, and Ms. Xia Xue, along with the founder of the NOVO Youth Community Mr. Xia Bing, were invited as the guest speakers. Ms. Huang Zhihong, a senior media professional from Wenzhou Daily, hosted the event.

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Founded in 1998, the APEC Voice of the Future program is a youth camp for exchanges among young students from various economies, held this year in conjunction with the 2015 APEC CEO Summit in Manila, Philippines. This program aims to provide students with opportunities to know more about APEC, expand their horizon, and engage each other to build human networks with business leaders from different economies … a mission that supports the educational vision provided by Wenzhou-Kean University.

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WKU Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Holger Henke, addressed the beginning of the session, expressing his thoughts on cultivating students in the new economic age. “In the real world of business and science, so-called soft skills count, and they are more important the higher the level of complexity, knowledge, and managerial leadership is required for the job. That’s why a university such as Wenzhou-Kean University has been invited to provide higher education in China.”

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Each of the four guests then shared their personal growth experience. Fudan University Ph.D. student Ms. Jia Xizi shared her inspiring story to “select your own path and make your own decision.” Nottingham graduate Mr. Zhao Jiasheng shared the history of his very first time attending an international conference. Ms. Xia Xue, junior student at WKU, also the youngest among the speakers, shared her story about the influence of parental education and family.

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NOVO Youth Community is the sponsor of the APEC the Voice of the Future program. The founder Xia Bing told the audience the intention and reason to build this program. He believes that APEC, as an international conference, serves as a platform for global exchange, allowing participating university students a chance to meet some of the top world entrepreneurs and see the most cutting-edge trends. Students, according to Xia Bing, should not be limited only to traditional education.

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The atmosphere was quite warm in the question & answer session that followed.

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The audience also included the leadership from Wenzhou University and Wenzhou Medical University, as well as high school and middle school students and parents from Wenzhou schools in Yueqing, Ruian, Cangnan, Pingyang and Yongjia.

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