A Collection of Papers Published in Honor of Chancellor Lu Shanzhen’s 75th Birthday

20150922105306634In order to celebrate the 75th birthday of Wenzhou-Kean University’s Chancellor, Dr. Lu Shanzhen, a renowned mathematician and educator, the collection Some Topics in Harmonic Analysis and Applications, edited by Li Junfeng, Li Xiaochun, and Lu Guozheng, was jointly published by Higher Education Press and International Press.

Chancellor Lu served as President of Beijing Normal University (May 1995— July 1999). He specialized in harmonic analysis and its application. Chancellor Lu made great contributions in establishing the Bochner-Riesz mean, a conversion method often used in harmonic analysis. Chancellor Lu also mentored many young mathematicians to specialize in harmonic analysis and its application in China.

Some Topics in Harmonic Analysis and Applications is Volume 34 of the series Advanced Lectures in Mathematics. This book focuses on the major achievement and research areas pioneered by Dr. Lu, including many academic papers written by world-renowned mathematicians and Chancellor Lu’s friends and students. These authors include: Professor William Beckner of the University of Texas (Salem Prize winner), Professor Christopher Sogge of Johns Hopkins University, Professor Steve Zelditch of Northwestern University (Bergman Prize winner), Professor Alexander Volberg of Michigan State University (Salem Prize winner), Professor Steve Hofmann of the University of Missouri, and Professor Michael Lacey of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Salem Prize winner). Volume 34 covers the latest progress on the Calderón-Zygmund lemma theories, multilinear singular integral operators and Fourier multiplier theory, multilinear embedding theorem, weighted inequality, nonlinear Schrödinger equations, and function space theory. The book will benefit researchers and both graduate and doctoral students in the area of harmonic analysis.

Science China Mathematics also published a special issue to celebrate Chancellor Lu’s 75th Birthday in 2014, Volume 44, Issue 5, which included 16 academic papers. This is the first time Science China Mathematics published a birthday issue for a Chinese mathematician.