2015 Fall Semester Teacher Orientation

On Sep 9, the Fall 2015 faculty orientation organized by the Human Resources department, with cooperation by other relevant departments, ended after a 13-day process.

The orientation started on August 27, with the intention to help new faculty members adapt to new lives at WKU sooner and to help returning faculty members re-adapt to academic and personal routines. The orientation covered most aspects of both professional and private lives at WKU, including life in Wenzhou, community tours, physical examination, acquiring a Residence Permit, work in Wenzhou, the WKU Freshman Immersion Program, using technology, using the Library, etc.

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During the orientation, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost of Kean University Dr. Jeffrey Toney led a team of senior staff to visit WKU, including Ms. Maximina Rivera, Ms. Claire Mulry, Ms. Bridget White, and Dr. Barry Mascari, welcoming the new faculty members with the assistance of Dr. Holger Henke, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at WKU.

Dr. Toney & Dr. Henke presented “Teaching at Kean” and “Academic Integrity” to the new and returning faculty members. Mr. Faruque Chowdhury, Director of Human Resources Department of Kean University, offered guidance and explanation about salary, attendance, welfare, medical insurance and other related issues.

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Throughout this orientation, both new and returning faculty members agreed that they appreciated having an expanded understanding of the University. The orientation activities were very helpful, improving the climate for work and daily life.