Wenzhou Keaner’s Debut in Kean Student Government

During the WKU study abroad program, the president of WKU student government, JiaFeng, secretaries Yan Lu and Xiaogao Zhou recently got their jobs in the student government of Kean USA. In such a new and intense studying environment, how did they work? Yan Lu shared with us her experience working in a multinational student.

Words from Yan Lu:

In this spring semester, we not only got a great chance of studying and leaving in Kean USA as other exchange students from WKU, but also gained a working opportunity in Kean Student Government (KSG). As this year’s WKU Student Government Executive Board is around the corner back, a set of comprehensive and effective rules for election is an immediate needed. Thus on the basis of already existing rules, we worked with the staff from KSG in order to draft a more comprehensive, transparent and justified new election rules for WKU-SG. After more than two weeks of discussion, the draft of election finally came out, which will be handed to the whole WKU-SG body and our directors back to Wenzhou for further modification before the final voting process actually starts. It is expected to be put into practice in this spring semester which then would be huge progress for WKU-SG. Besides drafting the election rules, with the help of KSG, we also plan to make adjustments on current department divisions, budget plan, salaries and compensation, etc. Working in the student government, all of us gained the knowledge of how KSG works and its strength compared to ordinary Student Government in Chinese universities. The core values of an ordered job division and the idea of democracy to the development of a student organization also makes the US Student Government system different from those in a Chinese university.

When we work with Stephanie in the office.

This is a part of Student Organization office where they held an activity.

Due the visa issue, we cannot get paid before we get the insurance number. Thus our director- Stephanie would arrange a meal or lunch for us every time after work. On March11, we had a Skype meeting with the members of WKU-SG, discussing about the election draft. What made it exciting is that the KSG specially arranged their high–tech meeting facilities for this meeting. You really have to come to visit this modern meeting table in the sixth floor of that building where you can see the New York from its balcony.

The March of Union is a little bit cold. On the way to dorms, everyone was though somewhat tired but all feel a sense of fulfillment. We were near the end of “
retirement”, but no one complained about what they have done. We were looking forward to a better Student Organization being built up in Wenzhou-Kean. Just like what Feng has said, the WKU-SG is like our kid and we all wish the best for it.