Excursion to Celebrate the Women’s Day

On March 8th, to celebrate the Women’s Day, WKU’s labor union organized an excursion to Tongpu, Rui’an. Nearly 40 people joined in this activity including WKU staff and their children and faculty members. Mr. Wang Beijiao, Secretary of University CPC Committee and Mr.Qian Qiang, Vice Secretary of University CPC Committee and Mr. Ying Yonghong, vice-chairman of the labor union also went to the excursion.


The excursion included going sightseeing in Tongxi and picking strawberries. At a time when rapeseed flowers are blooming, the scenery with hills and waters was quite attractive after a rainfall. The participants had a lot of fun in climbing the mountains, going boat riding and visiting bat caves. It’s also worth mentioning that the activity of picking strawberries provided a good opportunity for parent-child interaction.

This activity enabled participants to relax from working pressure and mutual understanding and friendship have been enhanced. Some faculty said that this kind of activity offered a great chance to experience the beauty ofWenzhouand it was also beneficial for them to connect with local culture. Also, the cohesion among WKU’s faculty and staff would be was strengthened. WKU’s labor union would organize more activities in the future for faculty and staff to promote mutual understanding.