WKU Faculty Visit Anfu Temple—A Traditional Chinese Cultural Experience

Thirteen WKU faculty members visited Anfu Temple to experience traditional Culture on December 12, on a trip sponsored by WKU Office of Human Resources.

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Anfu Temple is situated at Tiansheng Mountain, in Wencheng County, Wenzhou. It is said that Temple Anfu is also a place representing the spiritual enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. Surrounded by forests, the environment was quiet, tranquil, and peaceful. Accompanied by the Temple monks, the faculty group visited the Main Hall of the Temple, the precious fossil tree, and the Buddha statues with sophisticated craftsmanship. Later, the WKU visitors had wholesome vegetarian food provided by the Temple. The faculty group also joined in a Zen Buddhist meditation. They felt calm and relaxed after this profound meditative experience.


Participants were very satisfied with this Anfu Temple visit, commenting that they had gained a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture. They hope the university will organize more of these kinds of activities in the future, to increase cultural exchange.


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