Wenzhou-Kean University New Staff Orientation Meeting

20150804105143248On the morning of 3rd August, WKU held a new staff orientation meeting in order to help new staff adapt the new environment quickly and be familiar with their job positions. The number of staff recruitment reached the highest in WKU’s history. There are twenty five new Chinese staff and another four for Service Company. Leaders attended this meeting are Mr. Frank Wang (Wang Beijiao), Chair of University Council and Secretary of the party committee; Mr. Zheng xiaodong, Vice Chair of University Council and member of the party committee; Dr. Holger Henke, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Mr. Ying Yonghong, member of the party committee, and other leaders as well as department heads. The host of this meeting is Mr. Qian Qiang, who is the Vice Chair of University Council and member of the party committee.
During the meeting, leaders express warm welcome to the new staff, shortly introduce the general information of WKU, and put forward some requirements as well as expectation of their future work. Dr. Holger Henke gave credit to the prospect of WKU and emphasized on the importance of using English as a preferred communicative language. In that way, university can provide students full-English surroundings both for study and living. Mr. Zheng xiaodong said that he hoped the new staffs have abilities to work under pressure, willing to take advices from senior staffs, avoid being overconfident, and being positive at work.
Furthermore, Mr. Frank Wang made an impressive speech. He not only briefly introduced the development history of WKU and school characteristics, but also laid stress on the focus in this year. There are four focuses: 1. Strengthen the in-depth and overall communication with American school as well as cultivating cooperative consciousness, in order to enhance the capability of running schools; 2. Promote the “joint building-joint managing” mode in terms of construction in province and city. 3. Pay more attention to students enrolling work, and optimize the Trinitarian independent recruitment plan. 4. Strengthen the training of students and develop university under the scientific guidance. Besides that, Mr. Frank Wang hoped that new staffs can bear a “students first” concept in heart when they are working. Meanwhile, constantly improving self-construction and English ability, developing positive attributes and knowing to cooperate with colleges are also required. Mr. Frank Wang believed new staffs will use their intelligence and efforts to help WKU do better.
The meeting successfully ended, leaders’ words are ringing, and their requirements and expectations are well delivered. This meeting points out the future direction for new staffs.