Wenzhou-Kean University Youth Leadership Forum

On December 3rd, 2016, AIESEC WKU and Student Affairs co-organized the first Wenzhou-Kean Youth Leadership Forum. This forum aimed for discussing Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility and inviting experts from IUCN, YouChange Foundation and PwC.

Mr. Hongqing Yang, Associate Director of Student Affairs Office delivered an opening speech in the forum.

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Tian Peng

Senior Officer of YouChang Foundation

The first speaker was Tian Peng, she told us career orientation was necessary for optimizing one’s growth. She proposed three principles: consistency, flexibility and rationality. She also showed a model of multiple dimensions of social value evaluation system consisting of citizens, aim, approach, and action. Finally, she shared three books with audience, How to study, How to evaluate your life, and Give Take.




3Cheng Zhang

Program Manager of South China, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Mr. Cheng Zhang brought several meaningful videos about how can global climate change affect our life. If human do not take any actions to protect the natural, what would the world be in 20 years. He introduced some protecting programs conducted by IUCN regarding the hunted animals like elephant in Africa, Tibetan antelope, white-headed langur, Neophocaena, and white-flag dolphin. Specifically, he shared a big event of“Save the smile of Neophocaena”coorperated with the famous singer Zhang Liangying and the program of “Protect East river source.”



4Lan Lan

Manager of Corporate Social Resonsibilities of PwC

Ms. Lan Lan shared the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with audiences. CSR refers to the enterprise related to a better welfare for all stakeholders in society in addition to the routine work. She pointed out that companies need to bear some responsibility for social problems, draw people’s attention to sustainability. PWC’s corporate responsibility includes responsible business operation, diversity and integration, community participation and environmental management. They highly encourage employees to participate in corporate social responsibility. It can also increase the sense of belonging among employees to the organization. She also shared many of her own experiences in regards to the activities of cultivation of corporate social responsibility.


The second session of the forum is Q&A. The guest speakers answered questions brought by the audience in the room and also from the Wechat platform.

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