2015/16 Wenzhou-Kean University

Student partnering with Faculty (SpF) Research Programs Summary

Eighteen faculty and fifty some students participated in 2015/16 Student partnering with Faculty (SpF) Research Programs last November. In total, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs received twenty-three proposed projects, including biology, computer science, accounting, management, marketing, business law, economics, English, and philosophy. Twelve projects were accepted after two rounds of reviewing and evaluating. Two external reviewers from Kean University and Wenzhou University were nominated by the Research Committee and invited by the ORSP to evaluate each proposal. The maximum score of this evaluation is 80 points. All proposals scoring 50 points or above were further evaluated by the designated Research Review Committee on the SpF program.

Those twelve projects were supported with more than 120,000 yuan from November 2015 to August 2016. Funds were utilized to procure equipment, software, supplies, and books, as well as pay for student stipends and business travel to attend academic conferences.

Thanks to applicants’ great efforts, in January 2016 ORSP received 11 mid-term reports. That is, one of the authorized projects was rejected to be continued because of no mid-term report and unsatisfactory performance during the study. In early September ORSP received 11 final reports. Four papers were published after presenting in different academic conferences, VPER – A Visual HelPER Device for the Visually Impaired Users, An All-In-One Model: Computer Simulations of Population Genetics and Evolution under Hardy-Weinburg Conditions, Gamifying Impromptu Speech for ESL/EFL Students awarded Top Paper by International Communication Association Instructional/Developmental Communication Division, and I will Help You Pass the Puzzle Piece to Your Partner if This is What You Want Me to: The Design of Collaborative Puzzle Games to Train Chinese Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Joint Attention Skills. Finally, the first SpF drew a satisfactory conclusion.

12 authorized projects are listed as follows:

No. Program Adviser(s) Students
1 Establish a predicative simulation model for blood-brain barrier permeability of large molecule therapeutics mediated by a novel non-covalent peptide carrier K 16ApoE Yu Meng;    Changjiang Zhang Yan Jiangyue; Wang Ruoyu
2 The Design and Implementation of Integrated Mobile Applications for Visually Impaired Users Pinata Winoto; Tiffany Ya Tang Piao Chen; Zeqian Huang; Yongfu Wang; Yuhui You, Pan Lijun
3 Technology-based Intervention(TBI) for Chinese Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD): Sensory, Wearable and Interactive Web-based Technology Approach Tiffany Ya Tang; Pinata Winoto Yuhui You; Yongfu Wang; Piao Chen; Zeqian Huang; Yifan He; Lineng Cao
4 Social Use of(Web) Information Technology for Supporting Social Interactions among Chinese Living with ASD Pinata Winoto; Tiffany Ya Tang Chuhua Xu; Qiulei Pan; Xinhe Zhou; Xiaoting Fu; Mingyue Tang; Bo Zhu
5 Student Perceptions of Education Requirements in the Accounting Profession: Evidence from China Huafan Ma;    Yongqing Li Mengjia Miao; Ying Wu
6 A Correlational Study between the Government Participation in the Interior Corporate Governance and the Performance of Listed State-Owned Enterprise Yongqing Li Zheyu Luo; Jiayi Dong;  Ran Zhou
7 A Correlational Study between the Extent of Voluntary Disclosure and The Economic Performance of Family Firms in China Yongqing Li Te jin;      Danwen Chen
8 Research on the Correlation between Managers’ Salaries and Enterprise’s Performance in State-owned Enterprises of Shanghai Stock Exchange Yongqing Li Liping Shao; Zhong 9
9 Do Consumers and Taobao Sellers Get Benefits From the High Praise Cashback? Vijay Patel;    Huafan Ma; Shihui Huang; Mengjia Miao; Jing Li; Jiameng Zhang
10 Occidentalism: The Myth of Italy in Chinese Reality Shows Davide Girardelli Xinhe Zhou; Lijun Pan
11 Explaining ESL Chinese Students’ In-Class Participation with the Theory of Planned Behavior Davide Girardelli; Vijay Patel Xiaogao Zhou; Tingting Gu
12 Narrative Jurisprudence and its Implications for the Rule of Law in China John Prince Li Xinyi;     He Yitao