2016 Global Lecture Series

Global Lecture SeriesChanging Gender Roles among Young Adults: Understanding Dating, Mate Selection, and Fertility Preferences in China

Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM (Monday, November 7, 2016)

Location: General Education Hall, B101

Dr. SAMPSON LEE BLAIR will deliver a lecture on Changing Gender Roles among Young Adults: Understanding Dating, Mate Selection, and Fertility Preferences in China.  Over recent decades, the respective gender roles of Chinese women and men have changed significantly.  As a result of change in social policy and cultural expectations, contemporary young adults are able to exercise greater personal choice, particularly in regard to decisions involving dating, marriage, and family formation.  These changes, though, are not necessarily affecting women and men in the same manner.  Dr. BLAIR examines how these changes are affecting some of the more intimate choices facing young adults, particularly in regard to dating, mate selection, and family formation.  In his research on young Chinese adults, he notes that while modernization has certainly affected their intimate aspirations, many of the more traditional components of Chinese culture still exert influence over such choices.  He will discuss the differences between the expectations of young women and men, and how changing cultural norms are influencing preferences in dating partners, future spouses, and even aspirations for childbearing.

Anyone is welcomed to participate and talk with Dr. Blair.