Wenzhou-Kean University and Dhgate.com joined together to build APEC cross-border e-commerce online learning platform

With a three-minute lecture on a cross-border e-commerce topic and vivid examples, learners can continue the next lesson after answering three questions correctly. The learning process is both easy and practical. The CBET (Cross-Border E-commerce Training) eLearning platform launched by APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and Wenzhou-Kean university has attracted the attention from small-and-medium sized enterprises. Since the successful inception on the 24th APEC Leaders’ Summit in Lima, Peru, the program has won praises from the President of Peru and the Australian Prime Minister, who said they would expand the influence and attention of the platform in their own countries.

The CBET program was sponsored by Wang Shutong, the founder of DHgate.com, which is known as the first website to provide B2B e-commerce marketplace for small-and-medium-sized enterprises in China. Being the academic collaborator, Wenzhou-Kean University offers content development for the eLearning platform, seeking to help small-and-medium sized enterprises to go global through cross-border e-commerce.

The content on the eLearning platform is led by Cao Jiang, the dean of the business school of Wenzhou-Kean University, and developed by the researchers and students. Mr. Cao said the platform was designed for small businesses and individuals to obtain the cross-border e-commerce knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial guidance through free and convenient online training. The website features 2-course modules: Introduction to Cross-Border E-commerce, and Trust and Safety in Cross-Border E-commerce. Each course is composed of a series of three-minute short videos. In future, the platform will also offer course modules on payment, logistics, customer service, marketing, laws, and regulations.

The twenty-one member countries of APEC will organize entrepreneurs from small-and-medium sized enterprises to participate in the project of CBET eLearning. Some well-known multinational enterprises will also provide most advanced business knowledge on this open platform. At present, the courses use English as a medium of introduction and later they will be translated into native languages of the member countries in order to offer learners more convenience.