At 7:00PM, 10th May, the Golden Touch Exhibition grandly took place in Mifang Creative Park, Downtown Wenzhou. The works by Designer Matt Senna from Michael Graves College, New York, attracted WKU Visual Design professors, students and local communities to participate in the celebration of his designs.

The exhibition is one major event of the Thinking Creative Conference + UCDA ASIA EVENT series held by WKU Visual Design Department. During the exhibition, Matt himself joined the crowd and talked with them. Matt considered the exhibition a periodical demonstration of his design life as well as an answer to his childhood dream.

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Apart from the exhibition, four excellent designers from different fields including Matt, David Yeung, Tommy Li and Ricky Ng were also invited on campus to share their design stories and life experience on 10th and 11th May. Matt showed his attitude as a designer through his experience – creativity should never be limited and disturbed. He said he loved Jordan the brand very much when he was a child, and later witnessed the birth of “Golden Shoes” series.

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The face-to-face communication with designers has brought WKU with various edgy views and thoughts, which greatly inspired WKU teachers and students.

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