Senior student Lou Minhui attended the General Assembly of United Nations

Editor’s note: General Assembly of the United Nations (“GA”) was held on 18, US local time. As the only Zhejiang student of the 12 China youth representatives, Lou Minhui (Yuki), WKU senior student majored in Marketing attended activities in GA week.

I got up before dawn in the morning of New York and head to the destination of today by subway – UN Headquarters Building in New York.


On the first day, we attended the UN high-level meeting on sustainable development and technology innovation. Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, made an opening speech. Reid Hoffman, one of the founders of LinkedIn, delivered a keynote speech. In the meeting, heads of governments and technical giants gathered together to discuss major challenges confronted by humans, exchange ideas on cutting-edge issues and new technologies and explore practical means to achieve sustainable development and innovation. Except for Reid Hoffman, Mitchell Baker, CEO of Firefox, and Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia were also attended the meeting.

楼敏慧在opening meetin上提问,主题是城市环境和土地使用

For this meeting, cared more about Gender gap. After the meeting, a few of my companions and I successfully stopped Peng Lei, CEO of Ant Financial Services Group and heard her talking about the “Children education and economic empowerment”. “Rural children education is ignored by many families, but the investment into this will benefit a great number of rural children” she said. She also talked about “Vocational re-education on rural women”. She said that Alibaba currently hadn’t started with those two public service fields, but she hoped that rural women and children would be helped by raising funds.

楼敏慧和联合国气候变化框架公约秘书处执行秘书Patricia Esponosa合影(波恩市政府接待宴会)

Today, we also encountered the Secretary General of the United Nations and Mr. Liu Zhenmin, former Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, and made some communication with them.