Look Who’s Speaking| Travel, but no only travel

Many colorful delicate cakes, some kinds of fruit and drinks were put on the desk. Time Difference Workshop was more warm and elegant with the yellow light. A wonderful sharing salon with great traveler had begun.

At 7 PM on September 28, the fourth issue of“Look Who’s Speaking” started. Prof. Price who are very popular with students was invited to deliver the speech about“Traveling and language learning on budget”.

走近大咖 Travel, but no only travel1

When mention Professor Price, the first thing occurring to many students is that he is good at Chinese speaking and he is very friendly. In fact, Professor Price is not only good at Chinese and English, he also can speak a lot of other languages. As a tourism enthusiast, he has a talent for language learning and enjoys a wealth of travel experience that allows him to travel deep and learn some local languages quickly on budget. This is also the experience and skill that he brings to students in this sharing meeting.

走近大咖 Travel, but no only travel2

“Traveling can bring you a lot of different experiences. Different cultures collide with each other and then create new things .I am very willing to share my own experience, but I also hope students can share their different travel experiences with me.” Professor Price said.

Based on previous 3 successful issues of “Look Who’s Speaking” salon, residential community will launch more interesting and meaningful topics this semester to offer a chance to acquaint elite culture, prepare you to be inclusive to varied choices and lives and also sail yourself to the future.