WKU DAY | In the rainy night, they express “love” in this way…

Typhoon warning brought a heavy autumn rain unexpectedly which accompanied the annual WKU DAY carnival to welcome the arrival of freshmen. WKUers’ vitality, passion and creativity collide here …


The WKU DAY which was supposed to be held at the end of September was postponed to October 14 due to the rain.

The WKU DAY of this year was dominated by publicity and display of associations. To allow freshmen to better understand them, associations designed a series of games and activities to show their own features.


The Student Union laid out  blood-activating and stasis-eliminating shiatsu plate which is painful to press on it; members from innovation association danced with vitality; Chinese classics association exhibited Han Chinese clothing … in addition, AIESEC which was characteristic of overseas volunteers played a game to guess country through mouth shapes; debate association designed a game, which was to randomly draw a word and make up a passage by this word so as to mine the “talented debater” among freshmen; pier poetry society played the game to guess poetry. Students who actively participated in games would obtain all kinds of small gifts. Everyone had a good time.




When the night was falling,
the crowd was fading away. But another carnival was about to start.

The first light show of WKU ever was a highlight on KWU DAY of this year.
The light show was conducted in the dormitory building and initiated by new members of Alpha society in combination with the Student Union, Psychology Association and Speech Society, which was a great challenge for the cohesive force of associations and teamwork.

At 19:15, 69 students controlled the lights uniformly to shape I. heart-shaped pattern. W.K.U. and other pattern, illuminating the drizzling campus.

“I hope this light show can become a traditional show of WKU like Scottish dance.” Chen Fangyuan, freshman in Finance Department who took part in organization of this show.

The freshmen expressed their love to WKU in this way.

We came from all parts of the world to gather in WKU campus.