Overseas well-known Chinese authors visit WKU


In the afternoon of October 16, nearly 20 overseas Chinese authors and Chinese media reporters from USA, Hungary, Belgium and 11 countries and regions came to WKU for visit. Xu Jie, Vice Director of Wenzhou Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Wu Pengxiang, Head of Cyber Culture Office of Publicity Department of the Municipal Committee, and other personnel accompanied during the visit. Philip Connelly, executive vice chancellor of WKU, Wang Chengyun, Dean of Overseas Chinese College and Zhang Chunyi, Secretary of Overseas Chinese College accompanied during the visit.


Philip Connelly, executive vice chancellor of WKU, introduced the history and current condition of WKU to the visitors. Then, Dean Wang Chengyun delivered the aim of Overseas Chinese College that is to serve overseas Chinese, build a friendship platform and transmit Chinese culture.


Authors said that they had been told long time ago that WKU was the first Sino-US cooperative university in Zhejiang Province and that it would be a pity to not visit WKU if coming to Wenzhou. During the visit, the authors also communicated with WKU students.The international thinking style of WKU students impressed them deeply.


The overseas Chinese authors in this visit are influential on global Chinese literature circles, such as Wang Jianmei, the famous Chinese-American author, Yang Zhenkun, Deputy Chief Supervisor of the World Chinese Literature Association and Hua Chun, Chinese-Japanese author. Ms. Hua Chun, who was once invited to participate “9·3” military parade, said: “I have visited many universities, but seldom see such beautiful university. It’s really happy for kids to study here. ”