The Digital Creative Economy and Global Value Chains: China and the Developing World

— Dr. Keith Nurse

Dr. Keith Nurse, Senior Fellow, Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies, University of the West Indies, gave a lecture at Wenzhou Kean University on Oct. 18th, 2017.

After VPAA Dr. Holger Henke’s speech at the opening of the lecture on Digital Creative Economy and Global Value Chains: China and the Developing World. Dr. Keith Nurse first gave us an overview presentation of the digital creative economy. He pointed out a key idea that cultural and creative industries are very meaningful to China in the period of economic transformation and upgrading, and the new engine of economic growth. In addition, Dr. Nurse put emphasis on main countries’ cultural trade and creative economy worldwide, including the creative industries GDP, creative export earnings, exports and Imports of cultural goods, etc. He also highlighted the more and more important role of cultural trade and creative economy in the developing continents such as Africa and Caribbean. At last, Dr. Nurse stressed that China should strengthen the cooperation with the developing regions in the aspect of cultural and creative industries.

Dr. Keith Nurse’s finished his fantastic lecture to loud applause. In the Q & A, faculty and students asked many meaningful and challengeable questions which are related to the differences between creative industry and creative economy, the culture of sharing, great firewall in China, the influence of imports, and so forth.