ZCCA works with WKU to cultivate students with global vision


On November 7, 2017, a 100-people delegation to China Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of America (ZCCA) attended a forum held in Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) for Chinese and foreign teachers and students, and entered into an agreement with Wenzhou-Kean University in relation to establishing a long-term cooperation to cultivate students with global vision, in spite of rain.


ZCCA, consisting of professors, successful entrepreneur, middle and senior management of enterprises, has a large number of members across over 20 states and almost 100 cities of America, and engages itself in commerce, finance, science and technology, real estate, pharmaceuticals, education, political field and other industries. The 100-peope delegation to China visited Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhoushan to hold forums and sign cooperation agreements. They paid visits to well-known Zhejiang-based enterprises, and carried out exchange and cooperation activities in such aspects as trade, culture and education.


The delegation under leadership of Lin Guang, the ZCCA President, showed great interest in WKU established under joint efforts of China and America. They actively raised questions and exchanged ideas. The ZCCA delegation, experts and scholars were well informed of the teaching resources, financing, teaching and scientific research, international exchange and other aspects, who provided “golden ideas” and expressed their willingness to offer resources and advantages of their own to support development of the university. The co-founder and CMO Trey Taylor of America-based Verdant Power Inc. said to WKU students, “You are lucky enough to be admitted in this excellent university!”

As the ZCCA Secretary-General Zhang Ming points out, ZCCA is now acting as a go-between for Zhejiang businessmen at home and abroad by launching various cooperation activities; it’s a great pleasure to facilitate development of institutes of higher learning in Zhejiang. Those outstanding individuals in the American academic community will take full advantage of various resources to create a perfect mechanism to encourage development of students of WKU.


At the meeting, ZCCA entered into an agreement with Wenzhou-Kean University with regard to cultivation of students with global vision. It is agreed that WKU “Internship Bases for International Talents” are to be set up in ZCCA member units, and one-to-one pairing activities will be implemented, for a purpose of helping excellent students go global.

Participants of the forum included Wang Beijiao, the Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman of WKU Board of Directors, Dr. Holger Henke, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of WKU and Dr. Zheng Xiaodong, the vice chancellor of WKU.