The Second “Kean” Kindergarten to be situated in Lucheng Wenzhou

Lucheng District and WKU entered into a framework cooperation agreement.

Signing ceremony for framework cooperation agreement between the People’s Government of Lucheng District and WKU was held this morning. Both parties will work together to build Wenzhou-Kean University International Kindergarten (Wenzhou No.17 Kindergarten), which will be open and start enroll students in the next February. It is planned the kindergarten will open 2-4 classes (for kids aged from three to five years old) to accommodate 50-100 kids in the first phase. This kindergarten is the second kindergarten named after “Kean” following the Wenzhou-Kean University Experimental Kindergarten established under cooperation of WKU and Ouhai District.


According to the agreement, both parties will initiate the first cooperation project: Cooperation Project of Wenzhou No.17 Kindergarten, with term of 5 years. Wenzhou No.17 Kindergarten is located by the Nantang River, adjacent to Hualongqiao Road to the south and Zhuangtou Binshui Park to the North, which endows convenient transportation and wonderful natural scene. Covering an area of 4,580 m² (floor area of 3,917 m²), the kindergarten will be open in the spring of 2018. The kindergarten will open 12 classes in accordance construction standards for Level I kindergarten of Zhejiang Province.


During schooling cooperation, Wenzhou No.17 Kindergarten will be given a plaque of “Wenzhou Kean International Kindergarten”, introducing world leading preschool education system and implementing bilingual teaching method and allocate one foreign teacher for every two classes. WKU will appoint professionals to be the honorary principal and external director of the, get involved in the education and teaching management and instruct the scientific researches of kindergarten. Meanwhile, Wenzhou No.17 Kindergarten will be the practice base of WKU.


Hu Xiaodong, mayor of Lucheng District, fully interpreted the education features of “education first and study in Lucheng”. He pointed out that cooperation between the District Government and WKU is a new growth point for internationalization of private education, and cooperation principles of “complementary advantages, sharing resources, drive of project and mutual benefit” will be sure to boost the development of Lucheng’s education.


“Education is the cornerstone of success in any places.” Philip Connelly, the Executive Vice Chancellor of WKU once said, “This cooperation is a good start. We hope universities from all over the world can come to China, to Wenzhou in the future to further improve education level of the cooperation parties, even of the world. ” As Mr. Connelly said, Dr. Michael Searson, the Executive Director of Kean University’s School of Global Education and Innovation, would show “what the Classroom of the Future looks like” to Wenzhou citizens in the Wenzhou Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exposition to be opened next week. ”


WKU Vice Chancellor Dr. Zheng Xiaodong hopes to deepen the cooperation in multiple fields, attract more international talents come to Wenzhou and achieve a win-win situation through this cooperation project.

Then, both parties signed the framework cooperation agreement. Wenzhou Lucheng Education Investment Co., Ltd. also signed a strategic win-win agreement with WKU Assets Management Co., Ltd.