Wenzhou Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exposition What classroom was praised a “good job” by the Mayor?

2017 Wenzhou Entrepreneurship & Innovation Exposition themed with “Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Development Transformation” was opened this morning in Wenzhou International Expo Center. Zhang Geng, deputy secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Wenzhou City, deputy mayor Yin Zhijun and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

Sponsored by People’s Government of Wenzhou City and undertaken by Municipal HR and Social Security Bureau and Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau, this Exposition lasted three days. Classroom of the Future created by WKU is in No.6 Hall 10A Area. Faculty team coming from Kean University’s School of Global Education and Early Learning will be present and show the visitors how to create a more digital and humanistic preschool education space with high technologies.

On 09:40 AM, Mayor Zhang Geng and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of Wenzhou-Kean University. As explained and demonstrated by Michael Searson (Executive Director of Kean University’s School for Global Education and Innovation), Kenneth Gruskin (designer and constructor of Greenlane Building in Kean University) and Chrstian Penny (professor and education specialist of West Chester University of Pennsylvania),  Mayor Zhang showed great interests in creating the Classroom of the Future and further discussed in fluent English with specialists from Kean University on design and application of the Classroom of the Future. Before leaving, Zhang Geng resorted to the phrase “Good job” to highly appreciate the “Classroom of the Future” project.

The Classroom of the Future of Wenzhou-Kean University features “six differences”: including different segments, learning experiences, student types, high-end technologies, teaching methods and activity designs.

“Talents in 21st century are no longer the workers in factories but explorative and innovative talents adapted to the digital age”, Michael Searson said, the Classroom of the Future is a space designed to cultivate more creators.

In that day, responsible persons of several kindergartens and primary schools in Wenzhou also came to experience the “Classroom of the Future” and expressed great interests in such advanced educational concept.

In addition, Wenzhou Xintianyuan Primary school has also agreed on the preliminary cooperation intention with Wenzhou-Kean University, in order to introduce the STEAM system of WKU to its innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum system.

Philip Connelly, WKU Executive Vice Chancellor, and Xia Caiguo, Member of CPC Committee and HR Director, have also attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition area of Classroom of the Future.