K-News | Cooperation between bank and university to seek common development

Yesterday, Bank of Wenzhou Co., Ltd. entered into a bank-university strategic cooperation agreement with WKU. According to the agreement, the Bank and the University will cooperate in investment and financing, capital settlement, two-way study and training, and regional high-level collaboration.


Xing Zengfu, Chair of Bank of Wenzhou, and Lin Xiaoti, the Secretary of Party Committee, attended the signing ceremony. Wang Beijiao, secretary of Party Committee and the Chair of WKU Board of Directors, Mr. Philip Connelly, Executive Vice Chancellor, Huang Xianbiao, the Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission, and Xia Caiguo, the Member of Party Committee and the Director of HR Department attended the ceremony.

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In order to support the education development of WKU, take advantage of the professional financial strength of Bank of Wenzhou and promote local economic and social development, the Bank and the University established a strategic cooperation relationship. According to the agreement, Ban of Wenzhou will provide credit and financing services for WKU, students and employees and open easy access; provide preferential startup loans for WKU fresh graduates and help them applying for interest subsidies. WKU will, with respect of two-way study and training, send a number of students to affiliates of Bank of Wenzhou according to talent development plan for job training and social practice activities. Meanwhile, they will hold high-end financial and economic forums, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and other influential public activities on an irregular basis. Bank of Wenzhou will cooperate with WKU to promote the establishment of Zhejiang Institute of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Kean Town and other platforms that facilitate local economic and social development.


Wang Beijiao, Secretary of WKU Party Committee said that talents have supported the rapid growth of Bank of Wenzhou. While WKU is the place to cultivate talents. Both parties can benefit from this cooperation and make better use of talent resources to promote the local economy. He hoped they could continue to explore and expand cooperation fields from this start.

Xing Zengfu, chair of Bank of Wenzhou expressed his wishes for this cooperation: “The ‘iron triangle’ position of Wenzhou in Zhengjiang Province should be consolidated and enhanced by powerful financial innovation as well as talents. I hope both parties can set an example for bank-university cooperation and explore the new drive for innovative development of Wenzhou City. ”


After the signing ceremony, they held awarding ceremony of international talent base and hired Lu Pin, the General Manager of HR Department of Bank of Wenzhou, as entrepreneurship advisor.