Wenzhou-Kean University Junior talks with American Ambassador to China

“It goes without saying that I am still thinking about taking a selfie with the ambassador.” On the evening of December 7th held the 16th annual congratulatory reception from the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, where Wenzhou-Kean Junior, Russell Hu, and Current American Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, had a conversation regarding the exchange between Chinese and American students.

In addition to Terry Branstad, American Consul General in China, Sean Stein, and representatives from Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, and other top 500 international companies attended this dinner.

Russell Hu, currently the President of the Student Ambassadors of Wenzhou-Kean, became a representative of WKU and was the only student in this school to go to this reception.


As a university that’s based on collaboration between China and other foreign nations, over60% of Wenzhou-Kean students decide to go study abroad following their graduation in WKU. Because of this, Russell Hu, who also has plans to study abroad, always pays close attention regarding the topic of study abroad exchange between U.S. and China. Following President Trump’s visit in China on November, Russell Hu saw that this visit provided new opportunities for study abroad between the two nations because of the joint efforts made by U.S. and China during this visit to further study abroad between the two nations.

Regarding Russell Hu, through coincidence, he was able to speak face-to-face with the American Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad, about views on Sino-American study abroad.

“I asked the ambassador, will there be more study abroad exchange opportunities between Chinese and American students? In response, the ambassador brought up that currently, Chinese students in America studying abroad already surpassed a million, and that there is a push for more policies relating to study abroad to have more student exchange between the two nations. ” Russell Hu said.


“‘Of course, right now there are also more American students going to China to study abroad.’ The ambassador told me that after taking the position in China, he brought two of his granddaughters to study in an international institute in Beijing.”

“The ambassador is very supportive and confident in the future of exchange between Chinese and American students.” When Russell Hu mentioned that he himself also planned to study in the U.S. after graduating, the Ambassador expressed his support to Russell, saying “I hope the experience of studying abroad can help you walk on the road towards success.”

Wenzhou-Kean University Vice-President, Philip Connelly, sent an invitation to the ambassador to visit Wenzhou-Kean University. “Of course!” the ambassador replied in complete enthusiasm.


Furthermore, in the exchange with Consul General Sean Stein, the Consul General raised up Sino-American Maker Education, saying that that China’s international universities are all currently developing this new style of education, and that he completely supports this development, and is willing to help bring these developments into a success.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s annual reception is the organization’s most important annual activity, as it provides a platform for promoting dialogue between American companies and stakeholders.