Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) Returned Overseas Chinese Federation & Overseas Students and Family Association is Established

Today marks a traditional Chinese festival, Dongzhi Festival, and we are glad to have good news: WKU Returned Overseas Chinese Federation & Overseas Students and Family Association (the Federation and Association) is established.


At the founding conference, Xia Caiguo, the director of HR Department and member of CPC Committee of Wenzhou-Kean University, was selected as chairman of the Federation and director of the Association, with Lin Yangfan and Huang Jian acting as vice chairman of the Federation and vice director of the Association. Present at the conference were such leaders as Lin Chunlei,vice chairman of Wenzhou Overseas Chinese Federation, Wang Beijiao, secretary of CPC committee and chairman of Board of Directors of WKU, Zheng Xiaodong, vice chancellor of WKU, and Ying Yonghong, member of CPC committee and director of Research Center for Contemporary China of WKU.


The conference first delivered a report on the preparations for the Federation and Association. All members of the Federation and Association reviewed and approved the Constitution of WKU Returned Overseas Chinese Federation and Constitution of WKU Overseas Students and Family Association, selected the first committee members of the Federation and directors of the Association. In addition, the first session of the first committee (board of directors) was successfully held, where Mr. Wang Beijiao was selected as honorary chairman of the Federation, and Wang Chengyun, dean of Overseas Chinese College and his vice-chancellor, Zheng Xiaodong, were selected as senior advisors of the Federation and Association.

Mr. Xia Caiguo said that the Federation and Association would strictly follow the leadership of the party committee, center all its work on serving other departments, and focus its efforts on caring for members in respect of their wellbeing, work, and life. The Federation and Association, he added, would inspire its members to make greater efforts with stronger enthusiasm, give full play to their wisdom and intelligence, and channel greater forces into the endeavors of campus construction and serving students.

侨留联夏彩国主持Mr. Xia Caiguo

Mr. Lin Chunlei, on behalf of the municipal overseas Chinese federation, expressed congratulations on the establishment of the Federation and Association. Lin said that overseas Chinese federation (association) of colleges is a major branch of the municipal overseas Chinese federation. WKU is located in Li’ao, one of the hometowns of overseas Chinese, and its newly established Federation and Association marks a major step in the effort of founding such organizations in colleges. He hoped that the school would take this event as an opportunity to implement the principles set out in the 19th party congress, earnestly learn and apply Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, strengthen the awareness of political integrity and service consciousness, ensure that such federations and associations serve as a good platform for returned overseas Chinese working at colleges to exert positive influence, promote unity, and contribute to the development of school and the economic growth of the city.

侨留联市领导讲话Mr. Lin Chunlei

侨留联校领导致辞Mr. Wang Beijiao

Mr. Wang Beijiao first wished the members of the Federation and Association a happy Dongzhi and thanked the municipal federation for their support to WKU in its management of the Federation and Association. He then hoped that the Federation and Association would act effectively as a team, bring these returned overseas Chinese closer together, and encourage them to offer suggestions for the University and contribute to a brighter tomorrow of WKU.


About the Federation and Association

WKU Returned Overseas Chinese Federation, a mass organization consisting of returned overseas Chinese working at WKU and their family members and under the leadership of the school’s party committee, serves as a platform for the school’s party committee to establish close ties between returned overseas Chinese, their family, and overseas Chinese. And WKU Overseas Students and Family Association is a mass group formed by our staff with the overseas learning experience and their family on a voluntary basis. As a China-US cooperative university, WKU has lots of staff who have studied overseas, which is why the Federation and Association would attract up to 105 members upon its establishment.