Columbia University Global Campus Project Team Focuses on Wenzhou-Kean University

A session about Wenzhou-Kean University and Kean Town was held at Columbia University in the New York on the afternoon of February 8th. Dr. Xiaodong Zheng, the vice chancellor of WKU, presented on behalf of the university. The construction of WKU is based on the concept of building an idyllic American lifestyle campus. That aroused the interest of CU experts. They started a new project named Global Campus and planned to visit WKU in the middle of March.


WKU is the first Sino-American university in Zhenjiang. It aims to be an international university featuring world-class education. The campus construction follows the concepts of diversity, creativity, and ecological balance. It combines the style of American universities and the city planning landscape of Wenzhou. WKU is becoming an international, modern and opening university with a great working and living environment.


Additionally, WKU in, Ouhai District is a beautiful and famous town inhabited by relatives of overseas Chinses and returned oversea Chinses. In order to improve the supporting facilities and revitalize the neighborhood, WKU and the Ouhai government are building the Kean Town, a planned community representing both foreign and local cultures situated on 3.17km², next to WKU. It is presented as the specialist international education community in China. “Kean town attracts many talented people to work, study, or start businesses here. It is Talent Accumulation Effect. In addition, Kean Town exchanges various resource, creates an international educational platform, and improves the communication between China and foreign countries,” Dr. Zheng told the audience.


He also shared the challenges they met in the construction. It is tough for WKU, the Ouhai government, and the Ouhai residents to all agree. Besides, the ways to introduce foreign cultures, preserve local culture and build an efficient transportation system are being concerned.


The CU students praised the presentation and asked many good questions to Dr. Zheng. Mr. Wright, the president of the Regional Plan Association, and Ms. Griffith, the executive vice president of CU, attended the session as well. They showed their expectation to work with WKU in the future. 


Ms. Griffith also explained the reason that they chose WKU as the research subject. It is because WKU represents an educational tendency in China. More Chinese universities or colleges are combining Chinese and foreign educational styles to attract international students. She also showed her opinion about globalization. If different countries communicate well with each other, they can get a good self-development in the globalization. Collaboration between countries might be the best way to troubleshoot any worldwide problems, said Ms. Griffith.

Translated by FengYutong
Checked by Gary Linebarger