Congratulations! Wenzhou-Kean University Successfully Passed Bachelor Degree Accreditation

On March 30, Shen Manhong, leader of the Zhejiang Province Bachelor Degree Evaluation Expert Panel and President of the Ningbo University, announced at the evaluation feedback meeting: the Expert Panel verified that Wenzhou-Kean University has met the basic requirements for granting Bachelor Degree in Economics, Marketing, International Economics and Trade, Computer Science, English, Graphic Design. The Expert Panel recommended that the Zhejiang Province Academic Degree Committee should certificate Wenzhou-Kean University’s qualification.

The announcement declared that after this evaluation, graduating students from the class of 2018 will receive Bachelor’s Degree certificated from Wenzhou-Kean University!

Lv Hua, Director of Zhejiang Province High Technology Department and Direct of Zhejiang Province Academic Degree Office, and nine other higher education evaluation experts were present at Wenzhou-Kean University to conduct the degree granting evaluation work. Prof. Shen Manhong was the leader of this expert panel, other experts were from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Normal University, Zhejiang Gongshang University, and Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics.

The Expert Panel visited the General Education Hall, laboratories and other teaching facilities. Also, they collected comprehensive information and gained a deep understanding of the teaching situation in Wenzhou-Kean University through attending lectures in classes, conducting seminars with faculty and student, and individual interviews.

The comfortable teaching and studying environment, advanced experimental equipment and facilities, excellent management service systems, and the internationalization features embedded everywhere left a very forceful impression on the Expert Panel. They thought Wenzhou-Kean University was a school with adequate support to students. At Wenzhou-Kean University, science students, liberal arts students, and art students all need to take a general science course (biology or chemistry); the university aims to cultivate students with high scientific literacy. Computer science students need to take another high-level general science course additionally. Prof. Shen praised this curriculum setting: “In traditional Chinese universities, liberal arts students will only study courses in their liberal arts field, it rather narrows the knowledge scope they can access.” The Expert Panel had a pleasant feeling when they experienced the small-class teaching style, all-English and heuristic education in Wenzhou-Kean University.

In a public area of the College of Business and Public Management, the Expert Panel had some friendly discussions with students about study conditions and employment after graduation. Most students from the class of 2018 have already received offers for graduate study from world-class universities like the previous two graduating classes. The Expert Panel was surprised about the great progress students can make in four-year life here.

Wang Beijiao, Secretary of CPC committee and Chairman of Board of Directors of Wenzhou-Kean University, delivered a speech to welcome the Expert Panel in the evaluation meeting. In his speech, he stated that this evaluation was a comprehensive investigation of the quality of the undergraduate education and major professional construction in Wenzhou-Kean University since its founding. Also, it was a great impetus to the school running. The evaluation work conducted today attached significant meaning to guide Wenzhou-Kean University to carry out the spirt of Zhejiang Province’s Education Department, improve the quality of talent scholars’ cultivation and promote school’s situation

Lu Shanzheng, Chancellor of Wenzhou-Kean University, gave a report to the Expert Panel on bachelor degree granting work. He had a detailed introduction on university’s general conditions, school running idea, policies, achievements, etc. Then, six professional leaders from Economics, Marketing, Graphic Design, Computer Science, International Economics and Trade, and English give briefs on the states of major professional development. Targeting specific major and school conditions, the Expert Panel also raised some questions related to students’ internship and employment, and how the university integrates American education with local teaching environment.

After full discussion, the Expert Panel was affirmed in the evaluation of school’s development and offered a positive conclusion: Wenzhou-Kean university fully applies the spirit of the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools. The school introduce the resources, ideas and models of high-quality universities from the United States. It now has clear orientation, a clear school running thinking structure and distinctive features. The continuous improvement of school running is qualified to meet basic requirements for achieving the goal of training internationalized talents. The progress made in faculty team development is clear, and the structure is fundamentally sound. An international faculty team with rich practical teaching experience has been formed. The teaching management regulation is standardized with the adoption of student learning evaluation system from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education of the United States. By establishing student course evaluations (Sir Ⅱ), class observation by dean, peer review, and academic program assessment,  the education quality monitoring system has achieved some preliminary effective results. A Sino-western management system and administrative team has been taking shape. Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development” by introducing and referencing international educational resources. By imbedding quality education integrates both Chinese and Western features to teaching, the school cultivates international talent scholars with patriotism from ideological, practical, cultural, and psychological aspects. The quality of international talent scholars’ cultivation has been guaranteed, for students have a good command of both basic theoretical and practical skills in their professional fields. Also, students have gained a certain degree of international versions, the ability to innovate, create, and develop, the ability to engage in scientific research, and the ability to undertake specialized technical work.

In the feedback to Wenzhou-Kean University, the Expert Panel wrote that they wish the school can make further progress in balancing professional developments, optimizing the development of facuty team, strengthening teaching management and students’ internship support.

Chancellor Lu Shanzheng expressed his thanks to the Expert Panel for the affirmation and suggestions they gave in the feedback meeting. He stated that, in the next stage of development, the school would carefully study these opinions from the Expert Panel to fully utilize the promotion this evaluation work bought to the university. The requirements to meet the degree granting work shall be applied to very aspects in the future school running. The university shall continue the cultivation of international talent scholars and focus more on teaching-oriented work. A long-term evaluation management system should be improved constantly to transfer the achievement on evaluation work to talents cultivation work. Also, the university should keep advancing the education level and improve the quality of school running to strive to be a model of Sino-western university.

University leaders Zheng Xiaoding, Yang Yixin, Xu Shuli, Ying Yonghong, Lin Yangfan, staff from each college and related university departments also present at this evaluation work.