Natural Forces: An Ecosystem Perspective — Dr. King Heng Biau

In the evening of May 8th, as part of the series of lectures themed “I Love Typhoons – Natural Forces: An ecosystem perspective” and hosted by WKU Chinese Curricula Center and Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, a speech was delivered by Dr. King Hen Biau, a famous ecologist and freelancer in Taiwan, who shared with the staff and students some of his opinions on natural forces from an ecosystem perspective.


During his speech, Dr. King mainly introduced our living planet, natural forces, typhoons, ecosystems and Gaia hypothesis. He then mentioned more about the natural forces that shape our planet, including asteroids (meteorites), plate tectonics, volcanic activity, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, wildfires, and cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons). For example, he mentioned the widespread and rapid decrease in the biodiversity on earth caused by asteroids; plate tectonics, as the hidden key to life on Earth, promote biodiversity; volcano activity and earthquake let flora and fauna experienced a resurgence; species migration after tsunami; and the necessity of wildfires for plant developmental processes.

Additionally, Dr. King introduced the process of his forest dynamic studies as well as recommended numerous ecology related books, involving “The Ecology of Commerce,” “The Ages of Gaia: A Biography of Our Living Earth”, and one of his translated works, “Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth.”


At last, he explained in detail on the importance of typhoon from an ecosystem perspective and drew a profound conclusion, “natural disturbances are an integral part of ecosystems and more often than not are agents of renewal rather than destruction.” After his speech, the staff and the students learned more about the ecosystem and have a better understanding of the concepts of natural forces and powers of creations.

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Source | Office of Research and Sponsored Programs & Chinese Curricula Center

Word | Pan Zengyi