The opening ceremony of Zhejiang Kean Institution of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Today the Opening Ceremony of Zhejiang Kean Institution of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship was held in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou.




Attendees include: Mr. Chen Xinhua, Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou; Dr. Dawood Farahi, President of Kean University; Mr. Yang Zuojun, Director of Hangzhou Science and Technology Commission; Mr. Wang Beijiao, Party Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wenzhou-Kean University; Mr. Jin Chengtao, Chief of People’s Government of Hangzhou Shangcheng District; Mr. Ye Rong, Deputy Chief of People’s Government of Hangzhou Shangcheng District.




On the ceremony, Hangzhou Shangcheng District signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Wenzhou-Kean University. Taking the advantage of Zhejiang Kean Institution of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship, the two sides will spare no effort to promote innovation in science and technology through incubating five collaborative platforms.

The five collaborative platforms:

Science and technology talent recruitment platform

It gives full play to the resource advantages of universities, governments, research institutions and non-governmental organizations, and focus on introducing a number of overseas high-level talents and teams that can drive the development of high-tech and emerging industries

Incubation and entrepreneurship platform

An overseas innovation incubator center will be built in New Jersey, USA, and Kean Youth Maker Center will be built in the Entrepreneurship Center of Shangcheng District. The focus is on introducing a number of Chinese and American technology entrepreneurs to create a technology-based, high-growth enterprise in Shangcheng District.

Industry and investment platform

It will actively build a Sino-U.S. entrepreneurship friendship platform, promote communications and contacts between Chinese and American Chambers of commerce and entrepreneurs, and organize visits between Chinese and American organizations and enterprises from time to time to promote economic and trade cooperation and exchanges.

High-tech research platform

It will offer opportunities for Chinese and American wisdom to conduct research in economics, humanities and other disciplines. Each year, the two sides will cooperate to hold influential public events such as international academic forums and conferences.

International talent cultivation platform

It will actively explore the mode of jointly cultivating innovative talents.