English Debating Training Program

Aiming to improve students’ logic building, critical thinking skills, and speech abilities, English Language Center (ELC) organized the English Debating Training Program inviting Xiaowei Hao and Ge Zhang, excellent debaters and experienced trainers, to provide students with profound and thorough training.

The training covers the following topics and skills:

  • Debating skills: establishing arguments, making rebuttals, etc.;
  • Speaking skills: organizing speech structures & extending expressions;
  • Writing skills: analyzing topics, defining keywords, establishing arguments, incorporating data and examples, etc.;
  • Thinking skills: logic building & critical thinking.

For students, please go to My WKU > ELC > STUDENT APPOINTMENTS > Make Appointments > Activity, and make reservations.

For faculty and staff, no reservation is required.





Venue: GEH B102


Session 1 → Sat., Nov. 17, 9:00-20:30

Session 2 → Sun., Nov. 18, 9:00-17:00



For more inquiries about the English Debating Training Program, please contact Ms. Ada Jin at office B303 of GEH or at jinsujie@wku.edu.cn.

Follow-up activity: 

The 22nd “FLTRP Cup” National English Debating Competition – WKU Campus Selection

With nearly 1,000 universities involved, this competition has been recognized as the most influential national English debate event for college students since 1997. It is structured into 3 rounds: Campus SelectionRegional Selection, and The National. The WKU Campus Selection will be held in late November and early December.

Competition Schedule
Time Event
Oct. 20-Nov. 8 Registration
Tuesday, Nov. 20 Round Robin 1
Thursday, Nov. 22 Round Robin 2
Tuesday, Nov. 27 Round Robin 3
Thursday, Nov. 29 Round Robin 4
Wednesday, Dec. 5 Final Contest

To register, please download the form below and email to Ms. Luna Xiang at xiangwenjing@wku.edu.cn before November 8.

English Debating Registration Form