Wenzhou TV Spotlight: Wenzhou-Kean University | To Build a Model for a Chinese-Foreign Cooperative University

In July 2018, “Supporting Wenzhou Kean University to build an internationalized, high-level university!” was included in the 10 key tasks co-promoted by China’s Ministry of Education and People’s Government of Zhejiang Province – a new strategy to build universities of the “Double First-Class” initiative.

In August, “Making Wenzhou Kean University a Model for a Chinese-Foreign Cooperative University” was listed by the CPC Committee of Wenzhou as one of the 10 major open-door initiatives.

Therefore, the news channel of Wenzhou TV produced and aired Wenzhou Kean University: Striving to be a Model for a Chinese-Foreign Cooperative University, a documentary of 4 episodes. From the perspectives of American-style education, scientific achievements, career development guidance, etc., it introduces the achievements of Wenzhou-Kean University over the last 6 years.

Chapter 1:  World-Class Quality Education for All Students

In 2012, the Ministry of Education approved to prepare for the establishment of Wenzhou Kean University. As a friendly province-state cooperation project between Zhejiang Province and New Jersey State, the Ministry of Education regards the construction of Wenzhou Kean University as one of the major Chinese-foreign cooperative education projects to expand the opening of education and to promote education reform through opening-up.

▲Chapter 1

Chapter 2:  Offer authentic American-style education, cultivate international talents


Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development”. The University offers small class sizes to students and adopts inquiry-based learning approach, aiming to cultivate students with global vision, mastering of international rules and conventions, and innovative and creative competences.

▲Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Organize Student Research Day to motivate students’ enthusiasm for scientific research

The University attaches equal importance to the development of teaching and scientific research. In 2016, the University created the “Student Research Day”, which encourages students to conduct exploration and research with a global vision by applying the knowledge they have learned with the current hot topics in today China’s economic and social development. This initiative serves as a platform for students to display and share their research projects and achievements.

▲Chapter 3

Chapter 4:  Offer international career guidance service, graduates employment stability rate ranks forefront

The university builds various platforms to provide personalized guidance and one-stop employment service for students. It also requires each student to develop a three to five year plan for himself or herself, promoting students’ awareness of career development.


Since its establishment, three cohorts totaling more than 700 students graduated from this University. The employment rate and study for higher degrees rate exceed 97 percent six months after graduation. Most students choose to go abroad for further studies, and some of them chose to enter the job market. They find employment in government organs, financial institutions, and other enterprises.

▲Chapter 4

Interpreter | Zheng Shudian