Halloween Big Read

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Halloween is coming!

Our library has prepared a special activity “Halloween Big Read” for readers

Location:GEH B-101

Time: Oct. 31st 12:00 noon – 24:00 midnight

Participants: students, faculty and staff are all welcomed


Students that read for at least 30 minutes will be eligible for Library Annual Big Read 2018 Co-Curricular Transcript Credit (CCT). Reading at least 30 minutes does not mean at one time. There will be a master schedule of 10-minute blocks in a google sheet. Three 10-minute blocks is 30 minutes. Even reading 10 minutes is great participation and appreciated.


As for CCT (Co-Curricular Transcript Credit): It is a record of a student’s involvement in educational experiences taking place outside of the classroom. The CCT program is designed to encourage significant student involvement in the learning process by documenting academic experiences that take place outside the classroom. The CCT serves to accentuate the student’s personal journey and provides a holistic view of a student’s skills and abilities. It can increase a student’s marketability to prospective employers and graduate schools, who are seeking individuals who are dedicated to the development of leadership. The CCT is a verifiable university document that bears the University seal. More information about CCT could be found at https://www.kean.edu/offices/center-leadership-and-service/co-curricular-transcripts


Besides Big Read, there are also Classic Halloween Videos and Vampire Costume Contest.Classic Halloween Videos Time: Oct. 31  16:00-16:30Location: GEH B-101Vampire Costume Contest

Time: Oct. 31  20:00-20:30

Location: GEH B-101

Looking forward to seeing you on Halloween!