We Open Minds

What can you do with your education at Wenzhou Kean University? What can’t you do? We’re here to open minds and to give you the tools that you will need for your success at WKU and beyond.

The College of Liberal Arts at Wenzhou-Kean University provides the foundation of a Liberal Arts education in the American tradition. Students are invited to explore Political Science, Sociology, Art History, History, Psychology, Communications, Philosophy, English, English Literature, and Modern Languages. Our faculty bring years of experience, research, and enthusiasm to the classroom, and we encourage you to engage with the College both in and outside of the classroom.

The College of Liberal Arts is home to WKU’s English Language program, which touches almost every aspect of your WKU education. Our English faculty will help you improve your English speaking, writing, and reading skills, enhancing your performance in all of your classes, no matter your major.

General Education courses are designed to help you explore your world, your possibilities, and perhaps your future passions. Students are often surprised by a new intellectual interest in a subject introduced in class–you never know what ideas might challenge you and change the direction of your life, and we’re here to help you find that path.

Currently we offer majors in Psychology, Communication, and English, with new minors being developed in different fields, as well as a new graduate program in Psychology. Our goal is to provide our students a well-rounded education, preparing you for the world and serving you well in your future careers.


—Dean. Denise M. Horn