University-Enterprise Cooperation | Wenzhou-Kean University Cooperating with Two Technology Enterprises, Sharing WKU wisdom

Promoting School-Enterprise cooperation, Wenzhou-Kean University provides wisdom and solutions at the crucial stage of Wenzhou’s economic transformation.

Recently, Dr. Yang Eric, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs of Wenzhou-Kean University, together with the university team, made a trip to Zhejiang Makepower Electronics Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Chaoshen Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., and confirmed the intention to cooperate. In the future, Wenzhou-Kean University will cooperate with these two technology companies. Thus, the university and the companies can share resource and help one another. Meanwhile, the cooperation can help develop the Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option) major at Wenzhou-Kean University, into a distinguished major among Wenzhou universities.

Company Business Card

Founded in 1996, Zhejiang Makepower Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the invention and application of the Internet of Things technology and products, and to the operation and maintenance of service for mobile network providers including China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom. Meanwhile, the company focuses on the construction of the “smart city”, and the development of a series of products including smart fire protection, smart street lamps, smart parking lots and smart enterprises.


Wenzhou-Kean University Team visiting Zhejiang Makepower Electronics Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Makepower Electronics Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou-Kean University have a close relationship. Previously, the company had already agreed to cooperate with Wenzhou-Kean University and establish WKU — Makepower Electronic Joint Research Center. Makepower Electronics will serve as an internship base for Wenzhou-Kean University students and help them get valuable work experience. In addition, Makepower Company has donated equipment to the Computer Science Department at Wenzhou-Kean University, so Dr. Yang Eric expressed special gratitude to the company by issuing a donation certificate to Mr. Zhang Yan and Mr. Chen Qifeng, the managers of the company. In the future, both sides will strengthen cooperation in scientific research projects and train talented students, and make joint contributions to the economic development of Wenzhou.

Dr. Yang Eric issuing the donation certificate

Later, WKU team went to the e-sports town of the Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone where Mr. Dai Wenxue, Chief Market Officer, and Mr. Ye Zhaohui, Chief Executive Officer of the Wenzhou Chaoshen Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd. introduced their “Wenzhou E-sports Fashion City Project”. E-sports, a new industry, has made rapid progress in recent years, and will be part of the events of the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Company Business Card

Wenzhou Chaoshen Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the domestic e-sports industry chain. In 2017, in the contract signing ceremony of series-A funding, it won the series-A funding for 300 million CNY given by Singapore Hupomone Capital Co., Ltd. The company has e-sports colleges (in cooperation with full-time universities), national e-sports clubs, professional live broadcast and team brokerage companies, and five-star e-sports training clubs which all are responsible for developing systems for training, employment, supporting further studies, and developing talented employees.

Mr. Ye Zhaohui, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wenzhou Chaoshen Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., said: “The Wenzhou International E-sports Center project is mainly comprised of the e-sports headquarters’ economic business building, an e-sports training and education center, an e-sports theme park, an e-sports competition hall, an e-sports theme hotel. The project will create an e-sports industry chain, which will integrate e-sports’ research and development (R&D), publicity, education and training, events management, entertainment brokerage, and logistics”. Moreover, Mr. Dai Wenxue, the CEO of the company said that China has the world’s largest e-sports market, but the e-sports industry management and operation experts are in short supply, and our students have a strong international perspective, an innovative consciousness and English proficiency, so he hopes to carry out close cooperation with Wenzhou-Kean University to achieve a win-win situation.


University Team Visiting Wenzhou Chaoshen Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Dr. Yang Eric said: “Majors including Mathematics Sciences (Data Analytics Option), Computer Science, Marketing Management, and Graphic Design, all are relevant to the e-sports industry. In the future, students can be organized to carry out project internships and to visit the talented developers of games and the popular online hosts”. Meanwhile, as a Sino-Foreign university, Wenzhou-Kean University’s Mathematical Sciences (Data Analytics Option) major of the College of Sciences and Technology is a distinguished major among Wenzhou universities. In addition, the computer science major has outstanding faculty with strong scientific research capabilities, so technical cooperation should continue. Both parties indicated that the university and the companies are a good match for school-enterprise cooperation and because their intentions have been primarily agreed upon. The two parties will continue to follow up on specific projects in the future.

Currently, Wenzhou-Kean University is committed to carrying out school-enterprise cooperation, cultivating students’ ability to apply what they learned and creating entrepreneurs so that they make positive contributions to local economic and social development.