Establishment of the First WKU Parent Committee in Jiaxing

The inaugural meeting of the WKU Parent Committee in Jiaxing was held on 23 June 2019. Twenty-six parents from different areas of Jiaxing and Mr. Ying Yonghong, member of CPC committee and director of WKU Chinese Curricula Center, attended this meeting.

On behalf of the university leadership, Mr. Ying welcomed all the parents in attendance and conveyed congratulations on the establishment of the First WKU Parent Committee in Jiaxing. He also addressed that the parent committee and WKU share the same mission, that is, to lay a solid foundation for students’ future and to provide students with different ways of development.

Through a show of hands, Mr. Tong Peijun was elected as the chairman of the First Parent Committee in Jiaxing, Mr. Tang Yonggang and Ms. Gu Yanqun the vice-chairmen, and Mr. Fei Wei the executive secretary. The newly elected chairman Mr. Tong expressed his gratitude for the honor and his vision of the Parent Committee that it could function well as the bridge between parents and the university. He also encouraged parents to actively participate in the current student recruitment activities in Jiaxing.

During the meeting, parents expressed their delight witnessing the progress their kids have achieved, especially their abilities to solve problems independently. Some parents offered constructive suggestions on student recruitment, curriculum design, academic planning, and career planning. Besides, some parents of senior students shared their experiences of applying for the exchange program with Kean USA and postgraduate programs.

In response to the suggestions parents have made, Mr. Ying gave a closing speech and expressed once again his congratulation on the successful establishment of the First WKU Parent Committee in Jiaxing.