Bo Zhang



COURSE TAUGHT: General Biology (Lecture and Laboratory)


2003 to 2010 Ph.D. The Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

1999 to 2003 B.A. Nanjing Agricultural University, China


2019 to date, Assistant Professor at WKU  Course: Bio1000 General Biology, Lecture and Lab


2018 to 2019 Program Manager of Mount Vernon Pipeline to College Partnership Program with Lehman College, City University of New York


2011 to 2019 Research Assistant Professor, Postdoctoral Researcher and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Lehman College, City University of New York

Course: Bio166 Cells and Genes, Lab

Bio167 Organisms, Lab

Bio230 Microbiology, Lecture and Lab

Bio238 Genetics, Lab

Bio331 Experimental Microbiology, Lab


2017 to 2018 Adjunct Assistant Professor at Mercy College, New York

Course: BIOL160 General Biology, Lab

BIOL265 Microbiology, Lab

BIO360 Genetics, Lecture and Lab


2010 to 2011 Postdoctoral Researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology



2010, Liyuehua Zhu Outstanding Doctoral Award (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

2010, Yihai-Kerry Enterprises Award (The Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology)


  1. Bo Zhang, “Roles of a protein kinase gene in plant ethylene response and stress responses in Arabidopsis”

2009 NAIST Global COE International Student Workshop and GCOE International Symposium, 2009, Japan.

  1. Bo Zhang, “Arabidopsis NIMA-related Kinase Regulates Organ Size and Stress Tolerance and Interacts with Ethylene Signaling”

Peking University, 2010, China

  1. Bo Zhang, “Rho GTPase, a Smart Regulator Beyond Cytoskeleton”

Wuhan University, 2017, China

  1. Bo Zhang, “C-terminal domain (CTD) phosphatase links Rho GTPase signaling to Pol II CTD phosphorylation in Yeasts, Arabidopsis and Human”

Huazhong Agricultural University, 2017, China


Research interests

  • Signal transduction from GTPase to Pol II; RNA transcription and protein degradation
  • Host-Microbe symbiosis

Selected Publications

  1. Gharbaran, R., Zhang, B., Valerio, L., Onwumere, O., Wong, M., Mighty, J., & Redenti, S. (2019). Effects of vitamin D3 and its chemical analogs on the growth of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in vitro. BMC research notes,12(1), 216.
  2. Zhang, B., Yang, G., Chen, Y., Zhao, Y., Gao, P., Liu, B., … & Zheng, Z. L. (2016). C-terminal domain (CTD) phosphatase links Rho GTPase signaling to Pol II CTD phosphorylation in Arabidopsis and yeast. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201605871.
  3. Zheng, Z. L., Zhang, B., & Leustek, T. (2014). Transceptors at the boundary of nutrient transporters and receptors: a new role for Arabidopsis SULTR1; 2 in sulfur sensing. Frontiers in plant science, 5.
  4. Zhang, B., Pasini, R., Dan, H., Joshi, N., Zhao, Y., Leustek, T., & Zheng, Z. L. (2014). Aberrant gene expression in the Arabidopsis SULTR1; 2 mutants suggests a possible regulatory role for this sulfate transporter in response to sulfur nutrient status. The Plant Journal, 77(2), 185-197.
  5. Zhang, B., Chen, H. W., Mu, R. L., Zhang, W. K., Zhao, M. Y., Wei, W., … & Ma, B. (2011). NIMA-related kinase NEK6 affects plant growth and stress response in Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal, 68(5), 830-843.
  6. Wuriyanghan, H*., Zhang, B*., Cao, W. H*., Ma, B., Lei, G., Liu, Y. F., … & Cao, Y. R. (2009). The ethylene receptor ETR2 delays floral transition and affects starch accumulation in rice. The Plant Cell, 21(5), 1473-1494. (*: co-first author)