The First TOEFL Test Center in South Zhejiang was launched in WKU

Today, the first TOEFL test center in South Zhejiang Province was unveiled in Wenzhou-Kean University. Previously, in Zhejiang Province, only Hangzhou and Ningbo had test centers. This means that Wenzhou is the third city in the province to have a TOEFL test center, allowing candidates from South Zhejiang Province and North Fujian Province to take the test directly in Wenzhou.

Wang Beijiao, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Xu Shuli, Vice President of Student Affairs, and Dr. Yang Yixin, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs attended the opening ceremony today.

3 Years of Preparation, 58 Candidates Accommodated

In April 2016, WKU applied to National Education Examinations Authority (NEEA) to set up a TOEFL test center. It was approved for construction at the end of 2017, and passed the test and acceptance in April 2019. The whole preparatory application took 3 years.

The test center is located on the fifth floor of Teaching Building D. The first stage has 2 examination rooms, 2 waiting rooms and 1 Administration Office, covering an area of nearly 1000 square meters. There are 60 examination seats, which can accommodate 58 people at the same time. Face recognition system is used in the examination room to monitor and the record the whole process.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the examination hardware, the examination administrators and technicians of WKU also conducted comprehensive training and obtained corresponding qualifications.

TOEFL is a widely accepted test of English proficiency in the world. Currently, TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 6,000 universities and colleges in 110 countries and regions. In the past, Wenzhou candidates had to go to Hangzhou or Ningbo to take the exam, but with the TOEFL test center officially settled in WKU, this greatly satisfied the examination needs of students in South Zhejiang and North Fujian, and eased the situation that these students have to go to North Zhejiang and Shanghai to take the exam.

Registered candidates can transfer to WKU center to take the exam on October 27th

It is understood that the current WKU test center has been confirmed to have three TOEFL tests during the year, the first one is scheduled to open on October 27, 2019, and the other two will be held on November 17 and December 8.

Candidates who need to take the TOEFL test can log in to the TOEFL test registration system ( of the NEEA to register for the test. Check “Wenzhou” in the “Test Center” option. Candidates who have already registered can also choose to transfer to the WKU to take the exam.

Secretary Wang Beijiao and Vice President Yang Yixin jointly unveiled for the WKU TOEFL test center

At the opening ceremony today, Secretary Wang Beijiao and Vice President Yang Yixin jointly unveiled for the WKU TOEFL test center. Subsequently, Vice President Yang Yixin delivered a speech. He said that the settlement of WKU TOEFL test center was a milestone for WKU, which was of great significance for our school to enhance the overall academic reputation and serve the development of local economic education.

Vice President Xu Shuli delivered a speech

Vice President Xu Shuli also said in his speech that the establishment of the TOEFL test center was a good opportunity for the publicity and brand building of WKU, and the goal was to build a high standard and high quality TOEFL test center and make it a card of WKU.

NEEA sent a message to the opening of the TOEFL test center of WKU, hoping that WKU test center can guarantee the safety, quality and service of the test through high-quality management.

Translator Chen Yue