Realize Garbage Classification and Build Green Campus——Wenzhou-Kean University’s proposal on Garbage Classification

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that to realize the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, we must adhere to the basic national policy of saving resources and protecting the environment. However, with the continuous improvement of the living standards of the citizens, a large number of domestic wastes are occupying our homes, resulting in pollution affecting the construction of beautiful Wenzhou city, and even affecting the process of green campus.

Garbage is just a misplaced resource. Source classification is the key to win the battle of garbage control. As WKUer, we should be brave to stand the trend of the times and lead the new fashion of garbage classification.

Here, we propose to the staff and students of WKU:

1.Actively and consciously set up a new concept of waste classification. Garbage classification is not only a “new fashion”, but also a “citizen’s legal obligation”. We should study and understand the spirit of “Classification Standard of Urban Domestic Garbage in Zhejiang Province”, and actively participate in “garbage classification” activities, lectures and other knowledge popularization activities.

2.Strive to reduce the amount of garbage classification from the source. Actively participate in the school garbage classification work, starting from the minor matter, starting from the intravenous drip, advocate green and low-carbon life, promote paperless office, take the lead in the practice of “Clean Plate Campaign”, “Plastic Limit” and other source reduction actions, cultivate the habit of being diligent and thrifty, making the best use of everything and reducing waste, actively practice the concept of green development.

3.Model leading, strive to be a good citizen of garbage classification. Everyone is responsible for garbage classification. Actively join the volunteer team of garbage sorting, set an example, guide and drive people around to support and participate in garbage sorting, jointly create a good atmosphere for everyone to be responsible for and benefit from, and spread the awareness of civilization and healthy, scientific and civilized life style to every corner of the campus.

Garbage sorting starts with me. Let each of us carry forward the spirit of ownership, practice civilized behavior, strive to be a civilized WKUer, create a beautiful environment, and make our due contribution to the construction of green campus!


                                                          Wenzhou-Kean University