Notice on Strengthening Campus Management during the Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control at Wenzhou-Kean University

Dear all,

To implement the requirement of the relevant notice issued by the Office of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, improve the prevention and control work of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on campus, ensure the safety and physical health of the WKU community, maintain the campus stability, in accordance with the actual situation of our university, this is to inform you of the following rules of the campus management:

  1. All students, faculty, and staff are required to wear masks, present the campus card, cooperate with the security personnel to measure the body temperature. You can enter the campus after passing the temperature test.
  2. Unauthorized vehicles, including taxis, online taxis, sharing cars, sharing bicycles are not allowed to enter the campus.
  3. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, you can only use the main entrance gate (near gate #1 or #2) to enter or exit the campus. The gate #7 and #8 are closed. All vehicles are not allowed to enter the campus (faculty members living in Santalum Villas can use gate #7 to enter or exit after passing the temperature test and presenting the campus card). All teachers’ and students’ vehicles (registered in the parking system) can only be parked in the parking lot near the gate #10. Drivers should present the campus card while passing through the gate, cooperate when security personnel make inquiries and take temperature checks. They can enter the campus after the check-up. If the driver is accompanied by any visitor, the visitor should present a valid ID, pass the temperature test and complete the relevant registration procedures before entering the campus.
  4. Visitors without the contact person within the university are not allowed to enter the campus. If the visitors are confirmed to have the contact person, they will be inquired by the security personnel as required, their temperature will be measured, and can enter the campus after the check-up.
  5. The sports field on campus is temporarily closed to the residents living nearby.
  6. The construction workers are not allowed to enter the campus without permission. The dining halls on campus temporarily stop serving to any outsiders.
  7. If there are special circumstances for outsiders, please report to the Security Center of the Logistics Department for approval and relevant registration before entering.

You are advised to rationally view the novel coronavirus pneumonia, participate in the prevention and control work, raise awareness about disease prevention, avoid going out and reduce social gatherings.

Thank you for your understanding and support!