Return to Zhejiang from abroad will quarantined at his own cost

In order to effectively prevent and respond to the importation of overseas COVID-19 cases, and efficiently protect the people’s life and health, according to laws and regulations such as the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases” and the “Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China”, excerpts on relevant matters are announced as follows:

Strengthen control and services on border entry

1. Those who intend to enter Zhejiang should report their personal information through the Zhejiang Provincial Entry Information Pre-declaration Platform in advance (the QR code of the declaration platform is attached); those who have already entered should report their personal information to their community (village) or unit in time and comply with local epidemic prevention and control regulations.

2. Those having respiratory symptoms such as fever and dry cough at the time of entry should be  arranged diagnosis and treatment by local (municipal, county, district) government where the port is located in case that they are found at the port of entry within local province. And the close contacts should be arranged diagnosis and treatment according to the established measures. Those found at port of entry outside the province shall be disposed of in a timely manner in accordance with relevant regulations, and an inter-provincial linkage mechanism shall be initiated to strengthen communication.

3. Centralized or controlled transfers are carried out for the entry people from or to countries and regions with severe epidemic outbreak within 14 days. In accordance with the principle of territorial management, all such entry people will be subject to centralized medical observation for 14 days.

4. Management measures as full registration and regular declaration of health condition are implemented upon the entry people from or visited non-infected countries (regions) within 14 days. After arriving at the destination or place of residence, all such entry people should report to their community (village) or unit within 1 hour, incorporate themselves into the local epidemic prevention and control system, and report their health conditions such as temperatures to the community (village) or unit every day.

5. Chinese and foreign citizens who enter Zhejiang are treated equally, and the prevention and control measures are implemented upon all of them without discrimination. Strengthen management services and humanistic care for those who are under medical observation and home isolation, ensuring their basic living services, helping solve their practical difficulties, and facilitating their unimpeded communication with the outside world. Those who enter Zhejiang should apply for the international version of “Health Code” according to local control measures (a QR code is attached).

6.All incurred long-distance transportation expenses and centralized medical observation expenses (including board and lodging expenses) shall be borne by the entry people who enter Zhejiang. For testing and medical expenses, those who participate in basic medical insurance or purchase commercial insurance shall report or settle claims in accordance with relevant regulations; those who do not participate in basic medical insurance shall be responsible for their own expenses; those with special difficulties shall be assisted in accordance with relevant regulations.