Notice on Waiver of Housing Fee During the Period of Containment of the Covid-19

Dear students,

Currently, the University has been offering quality education through online courses in response to the containment of the Covid-19. We understand that all of you are staying and studying at home, instead of living on campus. Thus, the University has decided to waive the housing fee during this period of containment. Here are the details:

1.For students who have already paid the housing fee, the amount of cost will be used for the deduction of the housing fee for the next academic year. For graduating students or students who leave the University or withdraw from the University after this period of containment, the University will refund the corresponding part.

2.The waiver period will start from the beginning date of the Spring semester to the campus re-opening date.

3.Given the uncertainty of the situation, the specific cost calculation and refund process will begin after the release of the campus re-opening notice. As everyone is working very hard to contain the spread of the virus, the country’s situation is much better. We are looking forward to having you back again on this beautiful campus.

Wish you good health, happiness and success.

Wenzhou-Kean University

March 25, 2020