ECHO-ENG Issue 2 Published on WIRE

We are pleased to announce that ECHO-ENG Issue 2 has been released to the public through WKU’s Institutional Repository WIRE. Patrons can get full-text access to the collection via this link.


ECHO-ENG, pronounced echoing, is a student organization that consists of English majors. The ECHO-ENG journal, usually released in the Fall semester, aims at providing all-campus students with a platform to present their literary works including short stories, poetry, plays and electronic writings. Workshops and other activities hosted by ECHO-ENG are usually conducted in the Spring semester, aiming at teaching and offering counsel to students who are interested in literature writing.


WIRE is the abbreviation of WKU’s Institutional Repository named Wenzhou-Kean University Intellectual Research Environment. WIRE was released in July 2019 (Relevant news: WKU Library Launches WIRE: A Cutting-edge Platform Integrating IR with CRIS), integrating with DSpace-CRIS, a cutting-edge technological platform integrating traditional institutional repository with current research information system (CRIS). WIRE aims to collect, preserve, and provide online access to the research output of WKU to the world, and through this, maximize the research visibility, usage, and impact of WKU researchers’ works.


If you encounter any issues during using WIRE to view these works online, please feel free to contact us For further information on WIRE, please refer to the WIRE homepage.


Content: HU Linxiao

Review: YANG Le


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