Li Yunyun: Because of trust, so persistent

Ten men banded together in love can do what ten thousand separately would fail in—— Thomas Carlyle

Li Yunyun has done such a thing. She initiated the “WKU Warm Heart Volunteer Team”, which has traveled all over Wenzhou and brought children fun English teaching.

Provincial Excellent Graduates

Wenzhou New youth to the countryside – Advanced Individuals

Wenzhou New youth to the countryside – Excellent Practice Team

Public Service Scholarship – Individual Award

Public Service Scholarship – Group Award

Today we come to know the character behind these honors— Li Yunyun

When it comes to the original intention of starting a volunteer team, Li said that as an ordinary college student, what an individual can do is limited and insignificant, but ordinary we can gather into a team and have unlimited power. “I want to carry out voluntary activities regularly and orderly, so that the public welfare can be organized and managed to a certain extent, which is the reason why I initially launched the volunteer team for public welfare.” Therefore, Li and WKUer, who are fond of public welfare, set up the “Heart-Warming Volunteer Team”. As its name implies, in more than two years, Li Yun has led the volunteer team to carry out more than 30 public welfare activities to give warmth and happiness to the left-behind children and the lonely elderly.

“Most of our activities are in villages and towns far away from the school. At 8 o’clock in the morning, everyone had to take the bus two hours before work. Even so, the team members never complained at all. Because children who came to class were of different ages, Li and the team members need to spend a lot of time preparing lessons before each class, and customized class design according to the needs of children of different grades. Children with poor basis would receive more attention, i.e., Li would give them one-on-one tutoring. In order to enrich the English classroom, Li also integrated calligraphy, painting, etc. into English teaching, increasing the children’s learning enthusiasm.

Why is there such a strong interest in public welfare activities? Li said that loving public welfare is a life attitude for her, “this is the most common but powerful thing I can do.” Li has always been strict with herself, and tried her best to do what she could for the society.

What impressed the reporter most was that she knows exactly what she wants and has a clear self-awareness and plan for herself. “With the further improvement of China’s position in the world trade, the demand for professionals engaged in import and export trade will be growing. I think the future development of international business is very promising, and high-level linguistic abilities can help my career.” When most of her peers are very confused about the future, Li already has a clear goal and pursuit. “I decided to work in international business in the first year of high school, and I set a goal to study in a university with full English education in the second year of high school.” Li’s decision was also supported by her parents. After learning about the international environment and receiving American education in Wenzhou-Kean University, she regarded WKU as her Dream School.

When she first arrived at WKU, the American education that immediately attracted Li, which caught her once in a dilemma. “When I was a freshman, my learning schedule was not very reasonable, which led to my poor performance.” After a period of exploration, Li noticed that her shortcoming lies in her old-fashioned mind-set, which not only consumes energy, but also leads to poor learning effect.

“The most important thing is to learn to think in English. While immersing in the full English teaching environment, we should also strengthen our critical thinking ability and learn to think independently. ” It is not easy for students who have been receiving Chinese education to change the language when thinking. After repeated practice, Li found that her grades rose significantly.

“At the same time, we must also learn to make good use of the power of the team, give full play to the value of the team, and strengthen our team cooperation and learning ability. Because in WKU, we will more often face a lot of team work.

Li, who came to WKU like a sponge, is full of enthusiasm for everything. After listening to the speeches of Nelly Galan, the first Hispanic president of American TV network, and Hollywood producer Yang Yanzi, one of the 50 most influential women in Hollywood, and other global elite women at the Women Economy Summit in Beijing, Li Yunyun was very touched.

“Through this summit, I deeply felt Girl’s Power. As women in the new era, they know that their influence on society is becoming stronger and stronger. They break the ‘ceiling’ step by step, give full play to their potential and support women’s better development in the workplace.”

Girls with Girl’s Power naturally have their own ideas about whether to continue to study or to work after graduation. “I want to see if I am suitable for this industry, so I will not pursue master’s degree for the moment. I will work first, and find my own development direction. If I meet with any bottleneck in the future, and need to continue my studies, I will consider going to graduate school. ”

Now, Li got the offer from LISI Group, a listed company, to engage in foreign trade business. “My current position and the content of my four-year study in university are particularly matched. I’m very lucky to be able to choose a major I like and get a position suitable for me. This is inseparable from the combination of Chinese and Western education I received, and from my educational experience in WKU and Kean USA. “